Becoming a Vendor

Vendor Benefits

  • Links to your online sales page on the Facebook event page.
  • A post on the Presentation High School Facebook event page with click-through access to your establishment’s website.
  • Opportunity for direct 1-1 interaction with 500 guests that could be potential customers
  • Ability to distribute marketing collateral and promotional coupons at the event.
  • Premium event accommodations
  • 10’x10’ booth with overhead tent and back wall.
  • Dedicated event volunteers to help set up your serving station. (Volunteer assistance during the event available as needed).
  • Pre-printed overhead signage.
  • Navy clothed 8’ serving table, plus 6’ preparation/staging table.
  • Food service supplies including plates, utensils, napkins, and other similar items.
  • Electrical service for a computer or cooking apparatus available upon request.

Vendor Responsibilities

  • Reserve your spot by August 1, 2019 by filling out the registration form below, and the Craven Act Form
  • Provide samples of your companies offerings-food bites, wine or beer tasting samples
  • Provide professional cooking/serving staff as may be required by your menu/offering
  • Provide necessary cooking/serving equipment outside of what is outlined above