Campus Ministry

This year's theme, We Are the Light, illuminates our journey.

Rooted in Catholic values, this year's school theme encapsulates our commitment to shine brightly in all aspects of life.  Guided by faith, knowledge, joy and service, we strive to be beacons to hope, compassion and excellence in our community and beyond.  Through retreats, liturgies, prayer services and reflection, we empower students to spread kindness, seek truth, and embrace their unique gifts.

Mission & Goals

We Believe...

  • In the fullest personal development of our young women, including relationship to self, others, and God.
  • In creating a community of faith in which the Christian message, the experience of community, worship, and social concern are integrated.
  • In each Christian's responsibility to use her gifts for the good of the community and to minister as Jesus did.
  • That we are all called to be People of God and that our "yes" to God is a response evidenced in prayer, ritual, dialogue, and how we live our daily lives.

We Strive to...

  • Provide meaningful experiences of God and the community, which empower students to ask questions, understand and embrace their faith.
  • Recognize the gifts and talents of the adolescent and empower her to exercise those talents in ministry and service.
  • Explore the partnership shared with family by soliciting their support and involvement.
  • Be a resource to students, staff, and families by providing spiritual direction, information, texts, and/or contacts that may promote further growth in one's Christian journey.
  • Present an image of Church that is global, reaching beyond our school community.

Contact Us

Lisa Brunolli
Director of Campus Ministry
(408) 264-1664 ext. 2449