Peer Ministry

The Peer Ministry program is designed to deepen the spiritual experience of its members, as well as that of the school.

Under the guidance and leadership of the Campus Ministers, the program includes the participation of sophomore, junior, and senior students of all faith traditions.

These students are empowered to develop and share their unique gifts and faith interests through prayer, small group sharing, retreats, and participation in various forms of ministry.

Get Involved

Angel Groups

The small faith sharing groups, called Angel Groups, are lead by our Core
Team members. Angel Groups meet monthly for prayer and faith sharing. These prayer experiences follow an Ignatian Cycle:
  • Who am I? Who is God?
  • How is the life, death and resurrection of Jesus present in my life?
  • How am I called to live and serve?

Core Team

Core Team members are students that have been chosen by the Campus Ministers as standout leaders within the Peer Ministry program. Core Team members must be juniors and seniors who have completed at least one year as Peer Ministers. Encouraging peer and faculty participation, these students organize and encourage these activities within the faith life of the school, including liturgies and retreats.

Peer Ministers

The Campus Ministers and Core Team members hope to cultivate the spirituality of the students within Peer Ministry, inviting them to deepen their relationship with God, while also teaching them to minister to the greater Presentation community. They do this through numerous prayer activities, as well as by training and engaging the students in various forms of ministry: retreat leadership, prayer, lectoring, altar serving, Eucharistic and music ministries. Peer Ministers are sophomores, juniors and seniors of all faith traditions.

Liturgical Ministers

Students who are trained at their parishes are welcome to serve as lectors, altar servers, and Eucharistic ministries. Campus Ministry hosts a training for each of these ministries during each year for students who wish to be trained.

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Director of Campus Ministry
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Annalora Calin
Campus Minister
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