Community Service

Service is the cornerstone of a Presentation education.

Students know when they stand with those in our community who are the most vulnerable, they not only contribute to the common good, but they also learn a great deal about themselves.

Presentation offers service opportunities and placements for all students, as well as a Community Involvement Club designated for students who are truly passionate about volunteering. Members of this club meet monthly to reflect on their service experiences, help run our charitable drives and coordinate school-wide service events. Though service is not required at Presentation, we find the majority of our students perform regular volunteer work.

Service Opportunities


Furry Friends Pets Assisted Therapy Services: Furry Friends is an organization that uses animals to lift the spirits of those in nursing homes, the disabled, seriously ill children and many more. Volunteers who are between the ages of 12-16 must have a parent accompany them. There are age restrictions for certain volunteer jobs so make sure to check out their website for more information. Call 408-280-6171 or email .

Nike Animal Rescue Foundation: If you love to work with animals then this foundation is for you! Nike Animal Rescue Foundation offers volunteer opportunities to help out with their pet fairs, animal fostering, pet socialization, fundraising and more. Call 408-946-2291 and choose option 4 or email .

Wildlife Center: The Wildlife Center works with wild animals and provides rehabilitation for animals that are sick, injured or orphaned. They take care of over 4,000 birds and mammals. New volunteers will be assigned to a mentor who will teach them high quality care of animals. Call 408-929-9453 (929-WILD).

Happy Hollow Park and Zoo : A place where you can participate in Meet and Greets to the public, help out with Animal Care and work with young kids as a Camp Counselor. As a volunteer, you are required to do a minimum of two of each activity shifts during the summer. You can also volunteer during the school year as well. Volunteer spots are limited so make sure you fill out an application before April. Applications are accepted January through April and selected applicants will be brought in for an in-person interview. Minimum of 70 hours from May-August. Call 408-794-6425 or email .


Boys and Girls Club is an organization that helps out with low-income, high-risk Santa Clara County youth, ages 6-18 years old. Some of the programs that volunteers can get involved in are: Education and Career Development, Character and Leadership Development, Health and Life Skills, Sports, Fitness and Recreation and Arts and Cultural Enrichment. Volunteers between the ages of 14-17 are encouraged to apply. Adults (18+) must complete a background check. An application and interview will be needed. Call 408-957-9685 or email

Family and Children's Services serves to help both children and adults work through depression, addiction, and chronic mental or physical illness. Volunteers may assist with fundraising, special events and entertainment, writing and photography, serving as a community ambassador, working with other volunteers and researching ways to be more "green." Call 650-326-6576.

InnVision Shelter Network helps homeless families and individuals across Silicon Valley. As a volunteer, you can help prepare and serve meals, help host a community-building party, organize donations, maintain and beautify facilities, tend the organic garden, tutor children and youth, lead children’s activities, host a donation drive, outreach to the community and apply for an internship. To fill out a volunteer interest form, click here.

Make a Birthday Wish is an organization that helps those who have never had a birthday party before or who has never received a birthday present. As a way to give back, they throw birthday parties and provide birthday presents for those children without. You can help by either sponsoring a birthday, making a donation or donate gift wrapping supplies. Call 408-426-4659 or email

Our Lady of Grace: Also known as the Sacred Heart Nativity Schools, OLG provides a low-cost private Catholic education for families living in poverty. This program strives to keep kids in school and provide the same rigor in academics as any other middle school. The school goes from 6th through 8th grade. You can help by volunteering to be a tutor for students who need help with their reading and writing skills. Call 408-993-1293.

Project Cornerstone is an organization where adults support and help children and teens thrive, strengthen youth-serving programs and impact public policy. They also strive to reduce bullying and make more students feel respected and valued. Call 408-351-6482 or email

St. Joseph's Family Center helps provide hot meals to the homeless and low income families, create nutritional food baskets, help individuals find a job, assists families who are about to lose their homes and helps those with a disabling condition to find employment and a home. You can help out by volunteering in the food pantry, main office, event support or help serve meals to the homeless and low income families. Call 408-842-6662, ext. 23.

Ronald McDonald House at Stanford: Ronald McDonald House at Stanford provides a home for families who have children with life-threatening illnesses and are being treated at a local hospital. You can help create a safe, caring and welcoming environment by volunteering to work with children staying at the Ronald McDonald House. The commitment is a weekly 2-hour shift for a minimum of 6 months commitment. Some of the things you will be participating in with the children are cooking, sports, arts & crafts, movie nights, themed parties and bingo. Minimum age is 16. Call 650-470-6011.

Sunday Friends is an organization that helps families in poverty by providing basic necessities to children and parents. The organization also provides parents with a few hours to engage in activities and spend time with their children. Their volunteer programs are held at Lowell Elementary School on the second and fourth Sundays of the month and at Ann Darling Elementary School on the third Sunday. As a volunteer, you will be assisting children in participating and contributing in projects, to help children be successful and to share your laughter. Call 408-217-9587.

Big Brothers, Big Sisters provides a child with a role model, someone they can look up to, put their trust in, learn about their world and their place in it. You can get involved by becoming a part of their Junior Board which has teens helping out with raising funds and awareness about the program. They also help plan and direct annual fundraising events. Email


Angels on Stage is a program that empowers children with special needs to create friendships, independence and build confidence through performing arts. Each volunteer is assigned a disabled child or “Angel” and works with them during each of the program's plays. You can get involved by becoming a Buddy Coach. You have to be 10 years old and up to become a Buddy Coach and work with their angels on stage. As a Buddy Coach, you become a role model, friend and support for the Angels. Call 888-871-3331 or email

Green Pastures is located in Mountain View and serves disabled children and their families. They also provide homes for disabled children, ages six through eighteen, who cannot live with their families. As a volunteer you can spend time with these children by helping them with their homework, cooking with them, playing outside, exploring the Bible with them, helping with daily activities such as bathing and eating, going for walks and so much more. Call 650-965-2333 or email

HOPE Rehabilitation Services provides job training programs, developmental activities, professional counseling, children’s services (ages 0-3), senior services, community living services and mobility training to special needs children. Call 408-284-2868 or email

Lions Blind Center: Lions Blind Center helps train and educate people of all ages who are visually impaired. They also provide rehabilitation services that help those who are visually impaired to stay attentive during everyday activities. Call 510-450-1580 or email

One Step Closer uses horses to help individuals with physical or emotional disabilities as well as youth-at-risk. Horses provide therapy, enhance physical development, and provide the child with self-esteem. Volunteers are greatly accepted and needed. Experience with horses is not mandatory. As a volunteer, you can help with fundraising activities, clerical assistance, assist riding participants, build and repair small jobs, and NARHA support activities. Call 408-778-3567.

Herman Health Care: Herman Health care is a family owned program that provides rehabilitation and nursing services for those who are recovering from surgery, an injury or serious illness. Call 408-269-0701 or email

Santa Clara Valley Blind Center helps support those who are blind and visually impaired by boosting their confidence and independence. Clients participate in rehabilitative, educational, and recreational services that help empower them. To volunteer, prior experience working with the blind is not necessary. Opportunities include serving as an activity assistant, a sighted guide for outings, a class aide, a multilingual volunteer and an assistant with the computer lab and adaptive equipment.Call 408-295-4016, ext. 213 or email

Special Olympics Silicon Valley Region provides athletic opportunities for children and adults who are intellectually disabled. You can become a Class B volunteer who helps support this organization on a needed basis. Part of your job is to help out with their competitions, fundraising events, and administrative support. In order to become a volunteer, you must pre-register. Call Nick Tanza, Sr. Sports Manager, at 408-392-0170, ext. 204 or email

Senior Center of Morgan Hill: Volunteers are needed for the Senior Lunch Program. Call Bill Glass at 408-310-4244 or email


Books Aloud provides services that help stimulate the mind, stir emotions and create independence through their “Reading by Listening” program. Volunteer opportunities include circulation of recorded books, recording books onto tape, being a reader, reservations and mailing. Call 408-808-2613 or email

Carden Academy provides exceptional education emphasizing character building and instilling moral values into prospective and current students. Volunteer opportunities include publicity, ticket sales, food prep and costuming. On the website, the volunteer sign up-form is under the “Documents and Forms” tab.

Reading Partners is a nonprofit organization that helps students from low-income communities improve their reading skills. As a volunteer, you will work one hour a week to help students gain confidence, discover a passion for reading and build strong literacy skills. Call 408-622-0643 or email

The Tutoring Network coordinates high school students to tutor local elementary students in a variety of subjects. As a volunteer, you help students in their weak subjects, develop teaching skills, and serve as mentors for elementary school children. Email

Camden Community Center offers classes for all ages, sports programs, fitness classes and special events. As a volunteer, you can show off and build your office skills by helping out in their general office. Camden Community Center needs coaches for sports teams involving minors. You can also volunteer to help people with mental and physical disabilities. To register as a volunteer, call 408-793-5565 or email

Sunnyvale Community Services is a recreation complex that includes a Creative Arts Center, Theater, Indoor Sports Center, general Recreation Center and an Arboretum Complex. Volunteer opportunities include serving as a bilingual story time assistant, child care staff advisory committee member, and theater usher. Visit the website or call 408-730-7350.

Saratoga Library is a great place to volunteer if you are a people-person. You should volunteer for the PlaneTree Health Information Center at the Cupertino Library. As a volunteer, your job is to help individuals find health and medical information. Call 408-867-6126.

Santa Clara City Library has opportunities for you to volunteer as a Genealogy Room Consultant, a Homebound Volunteer who helps deliver books to retired residents, or as a Literacy Tutor and Youth Service Volunteer. Call 408-615-2956 or email

White Stag Leadership Development Academy is a summer camp for boys and girls who have completed the 5th grade through 17 years old. The camp is filled with hiking, backpacking, camping, campfires, and outdoor games. The academy teaches you about leadership skills, how to made decisions, assesses your individual strengths and weaknesses, goal-setting, planning and self-advocacy. You can participate by volunteering as a youth staff worker who works almost an entire year to plan and produce their two-week summer camps. Contact Tony Lamarque at

Presentation High School Peer Tutoring helps our students who need extra help in a particular subject. Come and volunteer for your school by becoming a peer tutor. You must have a 3.5 GPA average in the subject tutored. Your hours can be counted as Community Service, Mu Alpha Theta or CSF hours. You may fill out this volunteer application or if you have any questions, please email Ms. Gutto at

Camp Campbell Science Camp is a place where kids can learn practical and social skills as well as develop positive values. Here they can discover who they are, what they can achieve and feel accepted among their peers. You can get involved by volunteering as a cabin leader, garden worker, and campaigner who raises money for their camp. Volunteer application form is located on their website. Call 831-338-2128 or email

The Children's Discovery Museum is a jungle gym filled with different interactive exhibits that inspire creativity, curiosity, and life-long learning. You can get involved by becoming a Discovery Youth. Call Jennifer Gamurot at 408-298-5437, ext. 2833 or email

San Jose Museum of Art provides opportunities for volunteers to get involved by giving gallery tours, inspiring kids with art or helping in the SJMA Store. Call 408-271-6840

Schmahl Science Workshops teaches kids about science and allows them to get first-hand experience in the subject. Real scientists and engineers help inspire curiosity, imagination, and creativity by using a hands-on approach. You can volunteer to assist the workshops' instructors with in-school and/or after school workshops on a regular basis. Email

The Tech Museum of Innovation is a hands-on technology and science museum that inspires the innovator in everyone. Some volunteer opportunities include school-year exhibit interpreter, summer exhibit interpreter, weekend guest greeter, and one weekend-per-month exhibit interpreter Their applicant capacity has been reached currently so make sure to continue to check up with the museum to see when they will open their volunteer opportunities again. Call 408-294-8324

Walden West offers school and summer programs teaching children about science, the environment, and creating a respect for nature. You can get involved as a school-year volunteer by becoming a cabin leader for 5th/6th grade students. As a cabin leader, you will assist during hiking class time, be a part of all camp activities, be a role model and make their camp experience enjoyable. As a volunteer you can receive 100 hours of community service. Call 408-573-3060 or email


City of San Jose Parks, Recreation and Neighborhood Services has volunteer opportunities that include cleaning up their parks, becoming a coach for a sports team, helping out at their front desk and more. Call 408-294-9337 or email

Our City Forest inspires community members to appreciate, protect the growth and maintenance of our urban ecosystems especially our urban forest. You can get involved by volunteering to plant trees, help out with their tree nursery, work in their general office, post flyers and become an outreach. Call 408-99-TREES x6 or email

Santa Clara County Parks are regional parks that offer opportunities for recreation in a natural environment, and they feature points of local historic interest. You can volunteer by becoming a paddle program volunteer or a museum volunteer. Call 408-918-4930 or email


Alzheimer's Association of Greater Bay Area
The Alzheimer’s Association works to help those who are diagnosed with Alzheimer by supporting them and providing caregivers. You can volunteer by becoming a part of their administrative team who helps organize and prepare materials for conferences, special events and aid in the workflow of their chapter office. You can also become an advocate, who assists with influencing legislators at the Federal and State level, a member of the helpline team who provides support and encouragement for people with Alzheimer, a member of a committee to plan and execute the annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s events and so much more. Email Tessie Calligeros at

American Cancer Society
The American Cancer Society supports research, provides patient services and educates people on cancer. You can help out by volunteering to be an advocacy volunteer who helps advocate for new laws to help cancer patients and fight cancer, an office volunteer or a volunteer driver in the Road to Recover Program that helps patients get to the lifesaving treatment they need. Call 1-800-ACS-2345

American Red Cross of Santa Clara Valley
The American Red Cross helps the community to prevent, prepare and respond to emergencies. As a volunteer you will to help your community’s needs through leadership, education, and community service opportunities. Call 408-577-2014 or email

The Arthritis Foundation
The Arthritis Foundation tries to help people with arthritis by preventing, controlling and finding a cure for arthritis. There are many volunteer opportunities such as becoming an advocate to local and national governments on behalf of the many Americans with arthritis. Call 415-356-1230.

Children's Hospital Oakland
Children’s Hospital Oakland has provided children with exception medical care for nearly 100 years. Help out by volunteering to work in their Gift Shop, Emergency Room and help out in a Children’s research institute laboratory. Call Anna Morales: 510-428-3863.

Diabetes Society
The Diabetes Society funds research to prevent and find a cure for diabetes. You can help volunteer by becoming a diabetes advocate, getting involved in general outreach, awareness and education or office volunteer. Call 408-241-1922.

Good Samaritan Hospital
Good Samaritan provides exceptional medical care for their Silicon Valley community. You can volunteer by helping out in their Gift Shop or rehabilitation patient services. They are not currently accepting any applications from High School Students. Keep checking their website to see when they will re-open this wonderful opportunity. Call 408-559-2011.

The Health Trust
The Health Trust’s mission is to provide optimal health care to everyone no matter what background, income, race, ethnicity or age. You can volunteer for The Food Basket and Meals on Wheels that provides food to homebound individuals and families with HIV/AIDS. You can also get involved with AGEnts for Change, help out with community and school gardens or help out with their office projects. Email Leif Christiansen

Kaiser Permanente
You can volunteer at Kaiser Permanente hospital by becoming a Hospice volunteer. Your job is to provide home-based physical and emotional support to terminally ill patients. Call Annette Shaff-Palmer at 503-499-5285 or email You may also contact Amy Lindholm at 503-499-5408 or

Lucile Packard Children's Hospital
You can help volunteer at this hospital as a direct patient contact, semi-direct patient contact, customer service, administrative support, or help with their special projects. Their program is currently full and will not be opening up again until winter 2014. Call Information/Hospitality Desk 650-497-8005

Project Linus
Project Linus helps support seriously ill or traumatized children with new, handmade or washable blankets. For information about volunteer opportunities call Sharon Lee, Chapter Coordinator 408-252-1858. (They ask that you only call them between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m.)

Stanford Blood Center
You can help Stanford Blood Center by volunteering to be a Post-donation Canteen Host, Label Table who prepares blood bags for donors, a shuttle driver, lab aide or volunteer for a clerical position where you can assist with mailings and computer entries. Call Tessa Moore 650-723-6795 or email


Abode Services has a mission to end homelessness by providing shelter and critical services that enable people to stay in their homes. They also help people to get back on track to stability and independence. You can get involved by volunteering as:

  • Activity Buddy in the Children’s Program
  • Assist with fundraising and special events
  • Assist at the front desk/reception area
  • Work with residents on resume and interview skills
  • Tutor school-aged children
  • Teach computer skills (Excel, Word, Publisher, Internet)

    Call 510-657-7409 or email

Casa de Clara works to help homeless women and women with children by providing them shelter, food, clothing, emotional support, referrals for housing, employment, and counseling. To volunteer: Call 408-297-8330 or email

Catholic Charities has served families and individuals for more than 50 years and helps people of all cultures and beliefs to rise out of poverty and overcome the barriers to self-sufficiency. As a volunteer you can assist adults, children and youth, older adults, in the agency offices, or become a tutor for children. Email

City Team Ministries impacts over 500,000 people each year in the United States and serves the poor, the homeless and the lost in local communities in the United States and around the world. For information on volunteer opportunities, contact Volunteer Coordinator, Dick House 408-232-5606 or email

Ecumenical Hunger Program is located in East Palo Alto and has been providing emergency food, clothing, case management and household essentials to families in need in East Palo Alto, Menlo Park, and Palo Alto for 38 years. As a volunteer, you can help out with packing food boxes, interviewing clients, sorting food and clothing, or data entry. Call Volunteer Coordinator Florence 650-323-7781 or email

Emergency Housing Consortium is the leading provider for Silicon Valley of shelter, housing opportunities, and supportive services to people in crisis and experiencing homelessness. Their current volunteer opportunities include:

  • Meal service
  • Learning assistant
  • Basic Computer Skills Instructor
  • Childcare Champion
  • Financial and Housing Literacy Champion
  • Women and Men’s Support Group Facilitator
  • Someone who can volunteer for the Sobrato Family Living Center’s front desk (15-20 hours per week, 6 month commitment)
Call Community Relations Manager Elizabeth Griswold 408-539-2143 or

Family Supportive Housing provides supportive housing, childcare, life skills, classes, transitional housing and supportive services for families in permanent housing. You can volunteer by helping out with their evening preschool care, dinner services, homework enrichment programs, day care, kitchen help, clothes closet, educational workshop facilitator and on-call weekday help. Call Volunteer Coordinator, Christi Moyer Kelly 408-926-8885 x 226 or email

Friends Outside in Santa Clara County helps families and children cope with the trauma of arrest and incarceration. Call 209-955-0701 or email

Housing Industry Foundation funds emergency housing grants of up to $1,000 to keep individuals and families in their homes. If you would like to volunteer call 408-935-9201 or email

Loaves and Fishes Family Kitchen's mission is to provide no cost, hot, nutritious meals and support services. You can volunteer by prepping food, serving their guests and cleaning up. Their hours are from 3:30-6:00 p.m. Call Volunteer Manager, Kimberly Perry 408-439-0915 or email

Martha's Kitchen serves hot meals to those without. Three years ago they served their 2 millionth meal since its founding. As a volunteer you can help collect donated food, prepare it and serve hot meals. Call Matt Brady 408-293-6111 or email

Milpitas Food Pantry provides emergency food and food assistance for residents in Miplitas and Alviso. Email:

Redwood Family House Redwood Family House provides homeless families with a place to stay and social services. Call Sarah Flannagan 650-364-8264.

Sacred Heart Community Service's mission is to fight poverty by providing education, food, clothes and other social services for those in need. As a volunteer, you can help in Louise’s Pantry, Gracie’s Clothes Closet, The Welcome Center, become a Housing Assistance, Job Link, Adult Educator, Early Childhood Educator, or Homework Club tutor. Call Volunteer Office 408-278-2171.

Samaritan House provides food, access to shelter, healthcare, and a broad range of supportive services to people in need. Call Family Sharing Program Hotline 650-523-0830 or email

Second Harvest Food Bank has become one of the largest food banks in the nation, providing food to an average of nearly one quarter of a million people each month. As a volunteer you can help sort food, distribute food or help with data entry to educating about nutrition. In Santa Clara County, call 408-266-8866 x 247 or email

St. Anthony's Padua Dining Room provides hot, nutritious meals and the basic apparel needs of women, children. Please call the volunteer coordinator at (650) 365-9664 or email

St. Elizabeth's Day Home strives to educate children from a diverse range of culture and economic backgrounds. They foster healthy social, emotional, intellectual and physical development. Call 408-295-3456 or email

Veggielution is an organization that strives to create a sustainable food system in San Jose and empower youths and adults from diverse backgrounds to get involved. They provide access to healthy and local food, leadership opportunities and develop solutions for social and environmental justice issues. As a volunteer you participate in planting, weeding, composting, harvesting and more. Call 408-634-FARM (3276) or email


African American Community Service Agency: The African American Community Service Agency strives to preserve the dignity and culture of the diverse African American community. You can volunteer by staffing the Inez Jackson Library and Computer Lab, teaching seminars, assisting with youth programs, member services and office administration duties. They are seeking information and referral volunteers, social events/outreach volunteers, web/graphic designer volunteers, workshop assistance volunteers, administrative/clerical support volunteers and library volunteers. Call 408-292-3157.

Asian Americans for Community Involvement: The Asian Americans for Community Involvement focuses on the betterment of all Asians and shares common concerns about their experiences as Asian Americans. As a volunteer you can help kids with their homework, sort and organize donated toys and other household goods for low-income families, spread the word to the community about their services. Email

Mexican American Community Services Agency: MASCA serves to help better the lives of the Latino community of Santa Clara County. You can volunteer as an after-school tutor, even start support member, intervention services support member, clerical & administrative support member, an event planner, fundraiser or communicator.
After-school tutor:
Event Start Support:
Intervention Services Support:
Clerical and Administrative Support:
Event Planning, Fundraising and Communications:

The LGBTQ Youth Space: The LGBTQ Youth Space directs its focus on lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender, queers to provide a safe and confidential space to hang out. They offer drop-in counseling, individual counseling, case management and psychiatry. You can volunteer on their Youth Event Committee, ShOut Group or Speakers Bureau. Email

Hellenic Heritage Museum: The Hellenic Heritage Museum strives to preserve Greek culture. They also have a museum that has a display of a traditional Greek home made from display pieces. To become a volunteer, call 408-247-4685 or email

Service Trips/Projects

Amigos de las Americas, Santa Clara Chapter works to create life-long catalyst for social change in young people. Email

Rebuilding Together of Silicon Valley helps improve homes and lives of low-income homeowners in need. As a volunteer you can help clean, paint, landscape, move furniture and appliances, provide hospitality on project days to homeowners, IT services, photography and additional outreach services. Call 408-578-9519.

The Maalago Project provides opportunities and resources for a better educational experience for the children in Vea, Ghana. Email

Walking Tree Travel is an organization that provides programs for travelers such as working with Peace Corps volunteers in Senegal on a reforestation campaign, supporting a micro-finance project in Guatemala, building schoolhouses in Costa Rica, teaching English at an orphanage in Mexico or living with monks at a Zen Buddhist monastery in China. Call Open Enrollment Program Inquiries 303-242-8541 or email

Amigos for Christ is an organization that works in Nicaragua to promote rural development in areas such as water and sanitation, health care, education and nutrition, small business, and community development. Call 770-614-9250 or email


American Youth Soccer Organization, South Bay VIP Program is a soccer organization that creates a friendly and fun environment on the field. Their volunteer jobs include coaches, referees and administrators, team check-in, snack bar coordinator, goal maintenance, field stripers, bilingual interpreters, data entry, assistant registrar, concession stand worker, special events coordinator, yearbook coordinator, publicity coordinator, fundraising committee member, newsletter editor, pre and post season field workers. Call AYSO National Office 800-872-2976.

Bald Eagle Sports Camp instills into each individual their Triple Impact Competitor. They aim to help youth compete against the challenges in life and on the playing field. They also promote fin and find success in life-time activities. Call 888-505-BALD (2253) or email

Bay Area Women's Sports Initiative creates programs and partnerships through which women athletes bring health, hope and wholeness to their community. The program provides a path for women athletes to become more visible and a valued part of the Bay Area sports culture. As a volunteer you can become a part of their programs team, events team, and office support team. Call 408-247-2544.

Gifting Dance provides free dance classes over the summer to children who cannot afford classes. Call Dani Gnibus 408-607-6374 or email

Play Flag Football is a 5-on-5 non-contact flag football leagues that caters to boys and girls between the ages of 4-15. Call 408-370-0500 or email

Playworks strives to better playgrounds by having everyone play, feel belonged and contribute to games. Students who participate feel empowerment and become leaders. Contact them at 510-893-4180 or fill out their contact form on their website.

Stanford Sports Camps hopes to encourage all participants to realize opportunities for championship athletic participation, physical fitness and well-being through their programs such as Stanford’s Department of Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation. Call ACSR Front Desk 650-724-9872 or email

Platinum Projects

When a young woman at Presentation High School discovers a cause or issue she feels passionate about, she is encouraged to complete a Platinum Project. The goal of a Platinum Project is to fulfill a need in society in a new, innovative way that does not already exist.

Information & Forms


Examples of Platinum Projects include:

  • Offering an “Introduction to Technology” class for senior citizens at a local library
  • Implementing a recycling program at a center where one does not already exist
  • Organizing a class on girl empowerment for middle school girls at Sacred Heart’s Homework Club

More Information

If you are interested in learning more about completing a Platinum Project stop by the CI office or contact Ms. Catalan at .

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