Campus Ministry encourages students to take time out to reflect on their faith and build community with their peers.

In a world that seems incredibly demanding, distracting, and fast, Campus Ministry encourages students to take time out to stop, reflect on their faith, and to build community with their peers.  We offer retreats for each class level to support students in personal spiritual growth, to encourage reflection that leads to gratitude, and to strengthen relationships. Students of all faiths are welcome and encouraged to lead and to participate in retreats.

We will make every effort to create a meaningful experience that builds community, making modifications as necessary.  If for some reason we are not able to host an overnight retreat, we will either make adjustments, reschedule, or, as a last resort, cancel. Retreats are an opportunity for students to unplug from their technology, draw strength from their faith, reflect on their life experiences, and build lasting friendships with their peers. All Presentation’s retreats are free and are open to and enhanced by students of all faith traditions and experiences.  

Class Level Retreats

Questions? Contact:

Lisa Brunolli
Director of Campus Ministry
(408) 264-1664 ext. 2449