Campus Ministry encourages students to take time out to reflect on their faith and build community with their peers.

In a world that seems incredibly demanding, distracting, and fast, Campus Ministry encourages students to take time out to stop, reflect on their faith, and to build community with their peers.  We offer retreats for each class level to support students in personal spiritual growth, to encourage reflection that leads to gratitude, and to strengthen relationships. Students of all faiths are welcome and encouraged to lead and to participate in retreats.

Class Level Retreats

Freshman Retreat

Growing in the Good Soil

This mandatory one-day freshman retreat which invites freshmen to consider how their intentions, words, and actions impact their own lives and the lives of others.  It is developed around the idea of friendship with self, others, and God, and the importance of community building. The retreat is facilitated by Peer Ministers, who serve as group leaders and who organize activities and prayer experiences.

  • When: January 13, 2020
  • Where: Mission Springs Retreat Center, Scotts Valley
  • Time: 8:00-5:00
  • Cost: FREE!

The retreat is open to and enriched by all faith traditions.


Sophomore Retreat

Called to Forgiveness

During this one-day retreat, students have the opportunity to take some time out from their busy schedules to reflect on the important relationships in their lives and how patience, understanding, and forgiveness and strengthen those ties. The sessions offer small and large group discussions, community building activities, prayer experiences, and time to relax.  

There are two options for Sophomore Retreats:

  • November 6, 2019 
  • January 28, 2020 
  • Cost = FREE!

The retreat is open to and enriched by all faith traditions.

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Junior Retreat

The Sacred Journey

This retreat is offered as an overnight, off-campus experience. During this experience, students are given a chance to reflect upon finding the sacred in their day to day lives.  The sessions offer retreat talks led by senior peer ministers on the topics of prayer, faith, integrity and service.

There are two options for the Junior Retreats:

  • October 24-25
  • March 23-24
  • Cost - FREE!





Senior Retreat

You Are Called By God

This retreat offers a profound experience where seniors have a unique opportunity to reflect upon their four-year high school experience and to look ahead to the young woman she is on the road to becoming.  is offered as an overnight experience away from campus. At this stage, one begins to own one’s faith--whatever that faith tradition may be or how it is defined by the individual. Faculty members lead the retreat and share personal experiences to help students understand where God is present in their lives, even during challenges and difficulties.

There are two options for Senior Retreat:

  • February 6-7, 2020 
  • March 5-6, 2020
  • Cost - FREE!





Questions? Contact:

Lisa Brunolli
Director of Campus Ministry
(408) 264-1664 ext. 2449