Student Retreat FAQ

Q: What is the point of the retreat?
A:  It’s a great opportunity to meet classmates and bond in community.  It is also a way for students to get off of campus, take a break from their busy lives, unplug from technology, and spend a little more time reflecting in a beautiful setting  

Q:  Where is the retreat?
A:  Most of our retreats are at the Jesuit Retreat Center in Los Altos, and our Senior Retreat is at the St. Francis Retreat Center. Even though the retreat centers are only about 20 miles away from Presentation, it can feel like a nice getaway.

Q:  How much does it cost?
A:  It is absolutely free!

Q: What will my daughter be doing on the retreat?
A:Your daughter will be participating in a variety of activities throughout her time on retreat.  She will be participating in fun and social activities like ice breakers, listen to talks and reflections given by peer ministers and by faculty and staff members, have quiet time to reflect while walking in nature, and participate in small and large group activities that invite students to share their own experiences,

Q:  Who will be leading/chaperoning the retreat?
A:  On most retreats, there are 7 faculty/staff members and at least one Campus Minister.  Because the freshman retreat is larger, there are more faculty and staff who chaperone.

Q:  How will my daughter get to the retreat center?
A:  There is a bus that will meet your daughter and the rest of the retreatants at Pres and will take them to the retreat center.  After the retreat, the bus will take them back to Pres.

Q:  Is this an excused absence?
A:  Yes, it is a school-sponsored event and is marked as an excused absence.

Q:  What about missing schoolwork?
A:  Teachers are very supportive of our Campus Ministry program and encourage students to attend retreats.  Teachers can meet with students before the retreat to discuss work that will be missed and how and when it can be made up.

Q:  What if the retreat falls or overlaps on the same day as another Presentation program event?
A:  Program Directors and coaches work closely with Campus Ministry to work out ways that students can participate in both activities.  

Q:  How religious are the retreats?
A:  Through participating in a retreat, students are able to deepen their personal spirituality as well as their friendships with classmates.  Students of all faith traditions are welcome, regardless of where they are on their spiritual journey. 

Q:  It is past the deadline.  Can I still register?
A:  Absolutely!  There are still spots available!  Click here to download the registration form and the parent permission slip. You can either mail the form to Presentation High School or email a pdf of the form to

Q:  I am a Freshman parent.  Even though the retreat is mandatory, do I still have to fill out a form?
A:  Yes.  We still need you to fill out a parent permission slip. It  can be found here

Q:  Can my daughter’s food allergies be accommodated?
A:  Yes, the kitchen at the retreat centers will accommodate any dietary needs and are nut free.  Your daughter may also bring her own food and it will be stored in the kitchen’s refrigerator.