Community Service

Service is the cornerstone of a Presentation education.

Students know when they stand with those in our community who are the most vulnerable, they not only contribute to the common good, but they also learn a great deal about themselves.

Presentation offers service opportunities and placements for all students, as well as a Community Involvement Club designated for students who are truly passionate about volunteering. Members of this club meet monthly to reflect on their service experiences, help run our charitable drives and coordinate school-wide service events. Though service is not required at Presentation, we find the majority of our students perform regular volunteer work.

Service Opportunities

Platinum Projects

The goal of a Platinum Project is to meet a need in society. Students will design and implement a service project that contributes to people or organizations in a way that does not currently exist. This project must directly benefit disadvantaged people or educate/advocate on a specific justice issue within Catholic Social Teaching. This project can meet a local or international need as long as the student has previous involvement with the organization.

Contact Us

Grace Bernal
Director of Service and Immersion

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