California Scholarship Federation

The purpose of CSF is to foster high standards of scholarship, citizenship and service among its student members. This statewide organization honors high school students who excel primarily in their academic subjects.

Membership Details


Individual membership in the Presentation CSF Chapter is based on grades earned in specific (primarily academic) classes each semester. Membership is not automatic, nor is it mandatory.

Students in Grades 10-12 who meet the requirements are eligible for semester membership.

Ninth graders who were members of Junior CSF are eligible for fall semester associated membership, and freshmen who meet the requirements for full membership on the basis of first semester grades are be eligible for spring semester associate membership.


Community service is an integral part of all clubs and organizations at Presentation; therefore, the Presentation chapter of CSF seeks to honor those members who have engaged in service hours.

If a member has participated in service and has submitted the hours with the necessary signatures by the deadlines for a minimum of four semesters, her accomplishment will be acknowledged by the wearing of a special tassel at graduation.

High Honor, Seal Bearer & Life Member Status

For senior CSF members: If you have participated in CSF for six semesters beginning in your sophomore year, you are eligible for CSF Highest Honor Status and will receive a gold stole to wear at graduation.

If you have participated in CSF for at least four semesters, you are eligible for CSF Life Member or Sealbearer status and will receive a gold CSF cord to wear at graduation.

For either Highest Honor or Life Member status, in order to receive your CSF tassel, cord or stole, you must turn in your verification form of service to the CSF board by the appropriate deadline in each membership enrollment period.

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