Film & Media: Panther Studios

Whether you're interested in film production, journalism, documentary filmmaking or creating your own social media vlog, Presentation Studios offers a wide variety of opportunities to hone your visual storytelling skills.

Digital Production Classes

Students in our digital production classes develop and create their own media projects, from scripting for newscasts, interviewing for contemporary issues in our community, bringing original scripts to life through the production process, creating and sharing online content through social media platforms and sports broadcasting.

Panther Report

The Panther Report is a student-run news broadcast that airs weekly during homeroom. To submit announcements to be featured on the Panther Report, follow these steps:

  • To submit information about your announcement or event, click on Panther Report Submissions tab.
  • If your announcement includes media (photos, video, etc.) that you have created, click on the Panther Report Media Folder tab to send us your content.

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