Leadership Academy

"Leadership Academy has helped me develop my leadership skills in a way that allows me to be open to new opportunities. I know that many of these skills will help me in the future, especially as I go off to college. Leadership Academy helps me learn how to present myself not only as a leader at school, but in everyday life."
Marielle Kris Verano '10

About the Academy

Presentation High School's Leadership Academy prepares students for leadership positions at school and in the community with workshops designed and presented by Presentation faculty and staff. New members are accepted in August and January. Students may participate in workshops at any point during the school year. The time commitment is just four hours per semester and there is no fee to join.

Leadership Academy workshops teach core leadership skills such as goal-setting, mission development, project management, verbal and non-verbal communication, and teambuilding. The Leadership Academy, which is open to all students, offers 10 workshops plus various types of leadership positions and opportunities for project design and implementation.

The ultimate achievement lies in completing a Capstone Project, in which a student plans, organizes and implements a major project on campus or in the community. Supported by an advisor throughout the planning of the Capstone Project, the student learns the practical aspects of leadership in addition to problem-solving.

About the Workshops

Introduction to Leadership
This workshop is an introduction to the Leadership Academy and leadership at Presentation High School. Participants will explore leadership philosophies, characteristics of leaders, and gain information about the Academy. This workshop is required for all new members.

Ethics and Integrity
Leadership constantly challenges us with difficult decisions. This workshop explores the idea of leadership as service and the effect that has on decision making. This workshop is required for all new members.

Vision, Mission and Goal Setting I
Learn how to define your vision for a group, write a mission statement and create goals that bring the vision and mission to life.

Vision, Mission and Goal Setting II
Create a mission statement for a group, evaluate the group’s adherence to vision and mission statement and revise group’s goals so they align with mission statement.

Project Management
You’ll learn a set of skills and processes that will enable you to define, plan, execute, and analyze a project.

Communication I
You’ll work on improving your verbal communication skills with an emphasis on content as well as delivery.

Communication II
You’ll work on enhancing your non-verbal communication skills with an emphasis on content as well as delivery.

Group Communication
You’ll learn how to communicate effectively with a large group in order to avoid common problems that arise in group situations.

Team Building I
You’ll learn how to identify and work with different personalities as well as create effective teams.

Team Building II
You’ll experience how essential it is to work with all members of your team.

Advanced Ethics and Integrity
This is the last workshop for the Leadership Academy. It explores practical application of ethical decision-making in your leadership roles. Only sign up if you have completed the other workshops.

Values, Diversity and Inclusion
This workshop allows students to reflect on their personal values as well as the diverse values of others. Students will discover the importance of inclusion of a variety of values for effective leadership.


This student led workshop will teach student leaders the importance of advocacy and how to be an effective advocate.

About Capstone Projects

Ready to show off your leadership skills? Completing a Capstone Project culminates all of the skills you learned in Leadership Academy and makes you a Gold Member.

Previous Capstone Projects:
  • Creating a marketing plan and planning logistical details for school dances, including the Black and White Charity Ball and the Father-Daughter Dance.
  • Managing and advertising large-scale fundraisers during Mission Drive, including Mission Drive Movie Night and Run for the Nuns.
  • Hosting and organizing educational workshops as part of a social justice awareness event
Begin your Capstone Project:
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Suzanne Colvin
Leadership Academy Moderator

2018-2019 Workshops

Thursday, September 13

1-2 p.m.
  • Intro. to Leadership
  • Vision, Mission, and Goal Setting
2-3 p.m.
  • Team Building 2
  • Club Leadership

Tuesday, October 30

1-2 p.m.
  • Sports Leadership
  • Ethics and Integrity 1
2-3 p.m.
  • Project Management
  • Communication 1

Tuesday, February 26

1-2 p.m.
  • Digital Communication
  • Intro to Leadership
2-3 p.m.
  • Values, Diversity & Inclusion 1
  • Ethics and Integrity 2

    Monday, April 15

    1-2 p.m.
    • Team Building 1
    • Communication 2

    2-3 p.m.

    • Values, Divesity, and Inclusion 2
    • Advocacy