Located in the garage of the Jenvey House, Presentation Invasion is a club that gives students hands-on experience in the fields of engineering and technology. Together, the team creates and builds robots to enter into competitions hosted by FIRST Robotics.

Get Involved

The Panther's Den

Walking into the Panther’s Den – Presentation’s Robotics Center – is like walking into a different world. There are students in the workshop, bent over a frame on the front table. In the program office, students crowd around a laptop. One reads instructions from a manual while others desperately punch buttons and type sequences. Though it may seem there is no cohesion to these activities, it all comes together.

FIRST Robotics

The Robotics Team is a participant in FIRST Robotics. FIRST – For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology – is a national organization that helps students get involved in engineering, technology, and science. The organization works to increase knowledge and cooperative skills, and it prides itself on the team-building aspect of its competition.