Mag Drive

#MagSquad 2017!

It's time to wear your class colors as we go all-out for our first major drive of the 2017-2018 school year.

Our class levels are going head-to-head to raise money for the school.

Each dollar earned translates to spirit points in the battle for the the end-of-the-year spirit trophy.

How It Works

Go to and use our organization ID: #2585081 (Presentation High School Panthers) to purchase your magazines online. When you check out, make sure to write in your student's name and forward them the receipt of purchase so they can turn them in and get credit for the sale.

Final Class Level Rankings

  1. Freshmen: $407/girl - MAG DRIVE WINNERS!!
  2. Seniors: $383/girl
  3. Juniors: $320/girl
  4. Sophomores: $240/girl

Top Sellers

Overall Top Homerooms

RankingHomeroomTeam NameAmount


I’m in wish you were me


I’m in wish you were me



11C on that winnin' spree!


Tomato Tom(ah)to potato Furtado, you just got 12Beat!


9G on a winning spree!


Thomas the Tank Engine - Chugga chugga chugga chugga chugga chugga choo choo!


12AAAAAAAAA that's a lot of mags


Ford Farquaad


Des-Priettos, This is how we do it down in 9C-etto


Growlitiger's Last Stand including the Ballad of Billy McCatalan


Overall Top Sellers

Ranking - PrizeHomeroomSeller
1 - $2,00012C

Edith Gonzalez - $9,161 (Set school record for individual sales)

2 - $3509B

Samantha Knapp - $11,643.50 (includes donations)

3 - $20011C

Gianna Jelic - $8.659 (Broke prior school record for individual sales)

4 - $759G

Anika Odgers - $7,249.50

5 - $7511C
Stephanie Gallis - $4,355
6 - $759A
Amelia Landess - $3,513.36
7 - $759D
Neha Rachapudi - $1,760

Sydney Bohn - $1,671

Sophia Strass - $1,384.50
1011CJovanna Maresca - $1,379

Homeroom Team Names

HomeroomTeam Name
9A, Mrs. ThomasThomas the Tank Engine - Chugga Chugga Choo Choo!
9B, Ms. ZirbesZirbeasts!
9C, Mrs. PriettoDes-Priettos, This is how we do it down in 9C-etto
9D, Ms. CatalanGrowlitiger's Last Stand including the Ballad of Billy McCatalan
9E, Mrs. WilsonOnly Kids from the "9E's" Know
9F, Mr. Matson

Money Makin Mat$on$

9G, Mrs. Kennedy9G on a winning spree!
10A, Ms. DeakMiss Deak's 10 EGZ on fleek!
10B, Mrs. Ursin

10B (Briana,Izzy,Ellie, Elli, Grace, Ainha, Tomii, Evelyn, Gillian, Hailey, Angela, Shloka, Jordan, Kaitlin, Jennifer, Amirtha, Nikita, Tanaya, Emily, Suparna, Christina, Alyssa, Lindsey, Sowmya, Alicia, Mia, Sreya, Urvi, Mrs. Ursin)

10C, Mrs. Paxton10C: We make the Money
10D, Ms. Lagana10D for Victory!
10E, Dr. HughesTeam 10
10F, Mr. Goodman10F: Goodwomen in de Forest
10G, Ms. Burson-Ryan10G's Queen Bee's

11A, Mr. GarboDavid's Divas
11B, Ms. MurrayMurray's in a hurry to sell those mags!
11C, Ms. Miller/Ms. Swoboda11C on that winnin' spree!
11D, Ms. SilvaTaking Gold, Not Silva
11E, Mrs. WellesDiggin Welles
11F, Mrs. FordFord Farquaad
11G, Mrs. DangChitty Chitty Dang Dang
12A, Ms. Cannizzaro12AAAAAAAA that's a lot of mags
12B, Ms. FurtadoTomato Tom(ah)to potato Furtado, you just got 12Beat!
12C, Mr. Case/Mrs. SchneiderI'm in wish you were me
12D, Mrs. DickeyRichard
12E, Ms. GoldauGold-Ow! We're on Fire!
12F, Mr. DonohoDono-hoedown Throwdown
12G, Mrs. PoppenPoppin like it's hot

Overall Goal

Final Total: $283, 512*

*All-time School Record Set & 3rd Holiday Earned!!!!


Tim Case
VP of Student Activities