Mag Drive


It's time to wear your class colors as we go all-out for our first major drive of the 2019-2020 school year. This drive is a time honored tradition at Pres and we are proud this year to be celebrating 50 years of the Mag Drive!  For the last half century, Presentation students and families have taken part in our first official all-school drive of the year by selling magazines and other items, collecting donations, and raising money to support student activities and programs on campus.  Our class levels are going head-to-head to raise money for the school and student activities. Each dollar earned translates to spirit points in the battle for the the end-of-the-year spirit trophy.


How It Works

Students - Make sure to create a unique online account with both of the companies we are working with this year.  As a refresher, here are the videos with instructions on how to do this:  Freshman | Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors.

Parents/Supporters - If you are supporter of Pres, simply click on this link to help guide you to the appropriate place to purchase your magazines and other items online. Be sure to ask the student you are supporting for their unique Online ID so that student can track their sales and support you.  If you wish to support the school generally, you can do so at both sites and enter Presentation High School in the student name fields.

Physical order forms are also available for Magazine sales. Those materials will be distributed to students in homeroom and can be picked up from the school during the drive.

19-20 Class Level Standings

  • Freshman - $154.25/girl

  • Sophomores - $154.03/girl

  • Seniors - $115/girl

  • Juniors - $105/girl


19-20 School Year Top Sellers




Homeroom Name

9A Velez Velezaraptors
9B Fauria XOXO, 9B
9C Shearin ¡Nueve C - Revistas a la Victoria! (Phonetically: new-EH-vay say - ray-VEES-tahs ah la veek-TOR-ee-ah!)
9D Silva Silva Bells
9E Welles 9E killer Welles
9F Dang The Dangang
10A Furtado 10A we SLAAAAY
10B Cannizzaro Dina-saurs
10C Case/Schneider Schnei or Die. Case Closed.
10D Ursin Ursinators
10E Stebbins Steppin Up Stebbins
10F Contreras To 10finity and beyond
10G Poppen 10G
11A Thomas We, the 758 students, in order to form a more perfect Mag Drive, establish bank! ensure we didn't come to play, provide for them Panthers, promote the selling of Mags and secure that bag. periodt. to ourselves and Nano Nagle do ordain and establish this constitution for the United Students of THOMERICA! - The Founding Sisters
11B Zirbes It 11B like that
11C Tran Tran Fam
11D Catalan 11 Dad Dabs
11E Lee 11E Lee-Haw!
11F Martin Turn Up the Heath!
11G Kennedy Bring in the 11 G's, selling Elle- G mags, 11G don't mess with me; Alyssa, Amelia, Arya, Cate, Christina, Emily, Erin, Gissel, Grace, Grace, Grace, Isabel, Isabella, Isha, Jordyn, Julia, Julianna, Kaige, Lauren, Madison, Madison, Margaret, Maria, Mitthra, Natalie, Riley, Savannah, Sophie, Sheryl, Stella, Terilyn, Victoria, Zoe, Zoe
12A Paxton/Pasion Maddie and Pax make the Stacks
12B Rumburg We B 12Rumburg-ilicious
12C Rodriguez 12C...enior szn boiiiiiiiiiiii
12D Lagana 12Don'tLoseAgain
12E Hughes 12Eheeheehee
12F Goodman Timmy Turner's Tiny Tiktok-ing Turtles Trying To Take The Trophy
12G Hostak 12G Got the Money



Tim Case
VP of Student Activities

2019 Mag Drive Progress