Student Council

Student Council is a major club on campus that heads numerous events throughout the year. From mixers to spirit week, the members of student council organize and communicate with their homerooms about upcoming events. Student Council is made up of the five ASB officers and seven homeroom reps along with seven class officers from each grade level.

Elected Officers


Presentation’s five ASB Officers serve as the school’s co-presidents and are responsible for managing Student Council and all student events.

ASB members host two leadership conferences during the year for Student Council members as well as other club officers. These conferences help strengthen leadership skills and participation on campus.

Class Level Officers

Seven Class Officers are elected each year to represent their respective class levels at student council meetings. Class Officers are elected by their class level following elections in the spring. Class Officers assist with the planning of numerous events throughout the year, from mixers to spirit week.

Homeroom Representatives

Seven Homeroom Representatives are elected each year to represent their respective homerooms at student council meetings. Homeroom Representatives are elected by their homerooms in the fall. Alongside Class Officers, Homeroom Representatives assist with the planning of numerous events throughout the year, from mixers to spirit week.



Plans and executes Student Council events such as school mixers and lunch activities. Works with the rest of the Student Council to choose themes and advertise.

Campus Improvement

Works on beautifying our campus and helping it become the best place it can be for our community with creative projects that help brighten up the campus and activities aimed at reducing faculty and student stress.


Dedicated to serving our greater community, whether though neighborhood outreach or organizing Student Council service days throughout the year.

Contact Us

Suzanne Colvin
ASB Moderator

More Information

How To Join

Freshmen must attend a Homeroom Rep Election Meeting in August and be elected as Homeroom Rep in September.

Sophomore, junior and senior class level officers are elected by their class level in the spring to represent their class the following year.

Sophomore, junior and senior Class Level Officers are elected in their homerooms in August at the beginning of the school year.

Time Commitment

Meetings after school on Mondays, plus attendance at all Class Level Meetings, Student Council activities and Fall and Spring Leadership Conferences.

Student Council members should also be active members of the Leadership Academy.


There are no fees required to join Student Council.

Mission Statement

We, the Associated Student Body of Presentation High School, are committed to creating a positive and inclusive atmosphere where students are able to use their individual strengths, enabling them to evoke change in their school, local and global communities.

We will work together to encourage students to act as role models and work hard to unify the Presentation family.

Our goal is to create a spirited environment at Presentation High School that encourages students to be open-minded and to make a difference as they live out our school motto, “Not Words, but Deeds.”