Uniform and Dress Code

Dress Code

Tops, Sweaters, Shirts and Sweatshirts

Must be solid blue (teal or turquoise are not acceptable colors of blue), heather gray, or white. Small trim is acceptable on collars, cuffs, or pockets provided it is blue, gray, or white. Small (no more than 1-inch in diameter) brand decals are acceptable regardless of color. Any top that has been approved by the Dean of Students as "PresWear" is acceptable.

For more details, see the Student Handbook.


The uniform skirt is plaid--blue, gray and white. It must be clean and pressed; rolling the waistband is unacceptable. Shorts worn under the skirt may not be visible. Skirts may be no shorter than four inches above the middle of the kneecap or knee joint fold line. Skirts must be large enough to be fully zipped and fastened at the waist. If a skirt is too small or too short, the student will be loaned a suitable skirt to wear until proper alterations are made.

For more details, see the Student Handbook.


Leg Wear: Tights, nylons or socks must be worn. Socks must be solid blue, gray, or white. Nylons and tights must have feet. Leggings, leg warmers, and thermal leggins are not permitted. Black socks or tights are not allowed.

Jackets: Must be any solid combination of navy blue, gray or white. Black jackets may not be worn during the school day.

Shoes: Shoes must be worn. Any type of shoe is acceptable except for flip flops, slippers or moccasins.

For more details, see the the Student Handbook.

Winter Sweat Uniform

Classes of 2016-2017: Students may wear the previous winter uniform or purchase the new winter uniform. The previous winter uniform consists of a matching set of PHS sweatpants and the PHS crest sweatshirt. The alternative to the PHS sweatshirt is the PHS navy polo shirt.

Classes of 2018-beyond: The winter uniform consists of three items: navy PHS athletic pants, gray PHS polar fleece jacket, and white PHS crest polo shirt.

For more details, see the Student Handbook.

Formal Uniform

Formal uniform must be worn for all liturgies, special occasions, and events. The formal uniform consists of three items: white PHS crest polo shirt, PHS skirt, and white tights or white socks. The navy blue PHS sweater may be worn over the white polo.

For more details, see the Student Handbook.

Free Dress Attire

Clothing should be clean, hemmed, and not torn or ripped.

Pants, Shorts: No overly tight pants may be worn as an exterior garment. No ripped or torn jeans are permitted. Low-cut pants or pants that show the midriff are not allowed. Shorts may be no shorter than mid-thigh.

Dresses, Skirts, Shirts and Tops: Dresses and skirts may be no shorter than mid-thigh. Slits that end above mid-thigh are not permitted. Tops may not be low cut. Tops that are strapless, halter, off-the-shoulder, low cut or that show a midriff are not permitted.

PE/Workout Clothing: Athletic workout attire is only permissible during PE class. PE clothing may not be worn on free dress days.

Pajamas: Not permitted.

For more details, see the Student Handbook.