Advancement & Remediation

Summer at Presentation seeks to provide students with the opportunity to advance their studies or remediate deficient grades (Ds or Fs). Below, you'll find specific information about advancement and remediation at Presentation.


Students may only take one year long course for advancement per summer with one exception: incoming freshmen may take Algebra I with Computer Applications.


Current Presentation students may remediate deficient grades (D or F) in the following courses:

  • Algebra I: Semester 1
  • Algebra I: Semester 2
  • Algebra II: Semester 1
  • Algebra II: Semester 2
  • Geometry: Semester 1
  • Geometry: Semester 2
  • Biology I: Semester 1
  • Biology I: Semester 2
  • Chemistry: Semester 1
  • Chemistry: Semester 2
  • Physics: Semester 1
  • Physics: Semester 2

More Information


Lindsay Velez or Carrie Shearin
Summer School Administration
(408) 264-1664