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Summer at Presentation is an opportunity for boys and girls of all ages to explore new interests in the classroom and beyond.

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Academic Course Absences

Because the summer session condenses a whole semester or year of curriculum into a short and intense course of study, students may only miss 1 of the 14 days of a term and still earn course credit. No excuse can waive additional days missed. Furthermore, final exams will not be given early. No exceptions.

Advancement & Remediation

Summer at Presentation seeks to provide students with the opportunity to advance their studies, remediate deficient grades (Ds or Fs). For more information, click here.

Campus Hours

The campus is open each day from 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. from June 11-29 and July 2-20. Students are directly supervised during class/camp hours only. No direct supervision is provided during breaks or before or after classes.

Refund Policy

For 3 week Academic classes (those $595 and above): $75 of the course fee is nonrefundable. Refunds (minus the $75) will be given for classes dropped three weeks prior to their start date. Cancellations closer to the class start date will not be refunded.

Academic Prep and Sports Camps: $50 of the course fee is nonrefundable. Refunds (minus the $50) will be given for class/camps dropped three weeks prior to their start date. Cancellations closer to the class/camp start date will not be refunded.
No exceptions will be made to our above policies. No refunds will be given for absences. No pro-rates for missed sessions. Refund requests must be submitted in writing or by e-mail to: Siobhan O’Byrne, Summer School Principal at or Denise Rooney, Athletic Office Assistant at
Presentation High School reserves the right to cancel any class/camp offering for which sufficient numbers do not register. There will be no charge for classes/camps cancelled due to lack of enrollment.


Official and unofficial transcripts may be requested by filling out an easy online form. If you need a transcript from a previous summer school session, click here.

If you are enrolled in Summer 2018, please wait to submit your request until the class has officially started. Transcript requests will only be processed once at the end of the summer school sessions.


Siobhan O'Byrne
Summer School Principal, Academics
(408) 264-1664, ext. 2956

Caroline Murray 
Summer School Vice Principal, Academics
(408) 264-1664, ext.2965

Stacey Mallison
Athletic Director
(408) 264-1664, ext. 2492

Marisa Cozort
Swimming Director
(408) 264-1664, ext. 2960

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