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Shout Outs!

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"Thank you, Mr. Mullins, for doing an awesome job with Robotics. I'm so happy to be a part of it." -Paulina Plater '24

Shoutout to Mr. Hostak: "Thank you for being so kind!" —Paulina Plater '24

Shout out to Liliana Avalos '24: "Keep shining Lili and the Class of 2024!" —The Avalos Family

"It's a great day to be a Panther!" —Nicole Gomes '10

Thank you for providing our daughter with a world-class education! —Patrick and Denise Callinan

Shout out to Sophia McSweeney '24: "Keep dazzling us, Sophia!" —Sandra and Dan McSweeney

Shout out to Jamie '06 and Shelby '19 Silva: "You go girls! Woop, Woop!" —Dad

Congratulations to all of the dancers for their amazing achievements this year! We appreciate all that the coaching staff has done for the girls during this challenging year. —Anonymous

Shout out to Ms. Meighan: "We can't thank you enough for all your support and care." —The Trenchak Family

Go Panthers! —Katie Taylor

Shout out to 21...35! —Liana Rix

Shout out to Carisa Peng! —Mom and Dad

Shout out to Alexia Lewinski '23: "We are proud of you Alexia!" —David Lewinski

"Way to go, Dance Team Ladies, on another great year!" —The Smedt Family

Shout out to Sophia Campbell '23 and the PHS Speech & Debate Club: "Thank you so much for everything you to do build confidence in our young women!" —Joanie Neiderer '86 Campbell

"For the future athletes, have fun & be proud!" —The Gomes Family

Shout out to Sophie Babcock '24 —Jim and Judy Babcock

Shout out for my nieces, Paige, Grace and Karen Jackson: "thanks for the memories, Love, Nor Nor and Sophie!" —Eleanor A. Jackson

Shout out to Marie-Claire and Madeleine: "So grateful for all the wonderful memories . . ." —Marti Guidoux

"Go Seniors! Proud of you, Sophie!" —Bob La France

Shout out to the Class of 2013! —Lauren Colvin

Shout out to the Swim team: "Go Panthers!" —The Bagoye Family

Shout out to Ms. Raposa: "Thank you for the kindness you've showed me this semester. You are so invested in your students, and I love your class." —Anonymous

Shout out to Mrs. Ursin: "Thank you for the kindness you've showed me this semester. You are a wonderful teacher and inspire me to work hard." —Anonymous

Shout to Ms. Bernal: "Thank you for the kindness you've showed me this semester. You explain everything so well, and answer all of our questions so patiently." —Anonymous

"Shout out to Presentation High School Berkeley '71" —Catherine DeLucchi '71 Kelly

"Great job dancers and coaches and congrats to all for an awesome 2020 - 2021 season!" —The Helms Family

"May God bless Pres students, faculty and staff: past, present and future!" —Richard and Mollia Tobias

Shout out to the Class of 2021: "So proud of you all!" —Mike and Patty Lum

"Shout out to Coach Deanne Johnson Vochatzer and Track and Field 1982-86!" —Colleen Gavin '86 Oys

"Thank You!" —Ann and Bon Gotuaco

Thank you, Presentation H.S., for assisting us in our daughter's college prep. Juliane Marie Blevins '17 will graduate from SMU in May, 2021 and has been accepted into the Masters of Business Management Graduate Program at SMU, Dallas, TX." —The Blevins Family

"Shout out to the faculty and staff for how hard they go for Feast. I’m looking at you Rosenthal!" —A Friend

Go Panthers! —Maria Thompson

Shout out to Nicole Mesita '23: "Keep on swimming!!!" —Carolyn Olson

Shout out to Nicole Meista '23: "So proud of all you have accomplished and I can't wait to see what's to come!!!!" —Michelle Kelly '90 Mesita

"Cheers to the Class of '09!" —Jennifer Miller '09 Hamilton

Go Pres! —Anonymous

Shout out to the Class of 2022:  "Congrats on your Junior Rings!" —The Engelstad Family

"Great day to be a Panther!! Kalina '21 and Katelyn '25 —Karen Ann Yalong '95 Brouwer

"I'm proud of my family of Pres grads: sister, daughters, cousin, and sister-in-law." —Peggy Cirone '85 Shaw

To our wonderful daughter, Jennifer Adams '95 —Diane and Rich Cristina

"Thanks, Dance Program, for such an awesome high school experience!" —Kim Hernandez

Go Panthers! —Steve and Trish Morgan

"To my sister, Kelly Callan Gaffaney '91, you are a shining example of a woman who lives the Presentation motto, "Not Words, But Deeds." Keep being a shining example of this, not only in your professional life but your personal life. Thank you for the gift you are to this world." —John Callan

"Kudos to you, Catherine, in doing what you love and making an impact on the young women at Pres!" —Barry and Linda Furtado

"Shout out for Chem, Photography and so much more!" from the Class of 1973 —Karen Kane-Foempe '78

"Thank you Katherine and Holly for your leadership and vision!" —Jeff and Romy Grau

Shout out to all Panthers! —Kirk S. McKim, Board Member

Go Panthers! —Phil and Kathryn Zimmerman

Shout out to the 2020-2021 Grand National Dance Team!

"It's a great day to be a Panther!" —Julie Edson

"Go Panthers!" —The Keith Girls

"Shout out to great fun helping with set builds and then seeing the wonderful performances!!!" —Laurence and Anna Chivers

"Shout out to great memories watching the Presentation Soccer Team play!" —Laurence and Anna Chivers

"Hopefully, this will help in a small way to allow someone the incredible opportunity to receive an education at Pres!  :)" —Anonymous

"Amy Fields is a fantastic History instructor!" —Jon Timothy Kelly

Shout out to our Track and Field coaches: "You are amazing!" —Anonymous

"Thank you, Presentation!" —Mohan Taneja

"Keep up the good work and wishing students the best high school experiences through Pres!" —Sudha Krishnaswami

"Here's to many more years of PHS supporting the growth of strong, compassionate and intelligent individuals that have the ability to change the world! Panthers Out!!" —Rylie Ellis '14 Fikes

Shout out to Megan Williams '23: "So proud of you, Megan! Keep shooting for the stars!" —Deborah Mussomeli '87

In honor of Alexandra Mull '23:  "Go Team 2135 (Robotics)!" —Allison Mull

Shout out to the Class of 2000 —Theresa Nunez '00 Opp

"Thank you Pres for supporting our daughters!" —The Hossain Family

Shout out to Ariana Santos '21: "So proud of you!" —Jean-Pierre Santos

"Because I had the great fortune of being a Pres girl, I would wish that same experience for any young lady that wants to attend." —Ellen Bezore '77 Holmes

Shout out to the Pres Softball team! —Kerri Dunn '96 O'Shea

Shout out to the Class of 1972! —Laurie Nolan '72 Pecchenino

"Thank you for all the amazing work you do! Your dedication to the students is appreciated!" —Jesus and Maribel Correa

Shout out to the Class of '08! —Danielle Wheatley '80

Shout out to the class of '08!! —Rochelle Walker '08 Ekpa

Shout out to the Presentation Family: past, present and future. We will shine bright, and carry our lanterns with us <3

Go Panthers! —Denise and Sean Rooney

"It's always a great day to be a Panther"! —Lisa Brunolli

Shout out to: "Team Fuqua: Olivia '14, Julia '17, Maria '19, Ella '21 Fuqua!" —Lisa Gray '87 Fuqua

Shout out to: "teachers, staff, family members of all essential workers, nurses, doctors and other medical stuff" —Anonymous

Shout out to Marti Rao! —Carolyn Wilson

"Go Team 2135!" —Chang Yu

Shout Out to Catherine Furtado: "Thank you for all you do for the Presentation students!" —Janis Patellaro

"Love you, Holly!" —Jessie Jones

"Shout out to Coach: "We love Presentation!" —Anonymous

Shout out to Haley Helms: "Congratulations Haley and the JV Dance Team!" —Elizabeth Grandey

"Shout out to the class of 2021!" —Sarah Thomas

In honor of Madison Privitt: "Thank you for all your efforts to keep our students safe!" —Carol Myers

"Shout out to my wonderful students!" —Angie Paxton

"Shout Out for Presentation Aquatics!"

Shout out for my classmates, my sisters, my students (past and present)" —Laura Zepeda

In honor of Jackie Renner '99 Tomalevska  and Tina Renner '02 Kenzie

"Go Panthers!" —Sean Donoho and Stefanie Silva
"Go Panthers!" —Mr. Lawrence McGovern and Dr. Kristin Good
In Honor of Maria Mason '17
Shout Out to the Class of 2021 "You've got this!" —Ms. Fields
Shout Out to Lauren Fiock —Shannon Fiock
In Honor of the Junior Class —Ms. Contreras
"Go Panthers!" —Crystal Catalan
les panthères françaises —Monica Stampfl
Shout Out to the Class of 1991 —Siobhan O'Byrne '91
In Honor of the PHS Emmaus Group: "You bear difficulty with resilience and grace. I am so proud of you." —Melissa Ursin
For Nora Rosenthal, '24: 'For being a rockstar freshman year!" —Diane Rosenthal
In honor of Jackie Murray Rose '05
"Go Panthers!" —Sheri Simpson DeSimone '78
In Honor of Sara: "Go Panthers!" —Stacey Stebbins
In Honor of Sofia Iorgulescu: "Go Panthers!" —Sharon and Lionel Iorgulescu
"Congratulations to the PHS Dance Team for all your hard work and for being National Grand Champions!!!" —Nancy and Don Taylor
"Go Panthers!" —Holly & David Elkins
In Honor of all the amazing student leaders: "Keep on lighting the path and leading the way!" —Suzanne Colvin
In Honor of Catherine Aquino: —Lynn Wilson '07 Lee
"To the Senior Class of 2021!" —Caroline Shearin
In Honor Of Class of 1978: "To the class of '78. Four years together, a lifetime of memories!" —Alice Ursano
In Honor of my amazing students: "I am incredibly proud of each and every one of you. Your strength, determination, and compassion inspires me daily!"—Mary Clare Bernal '10
In Honor Of The PHS Faculty & current Students: "Thanks for keeping the Panther Pride strong during this year apart! Go Panthers!" —Jenna '09 & Joe Rosati
"Thanks for giving quality education during the pandemic." —Shelli Bodnar and David Cohen
In Honor of Wade Nakamura: "Thanks for some great basketball memories!" —Shelli Bodnar and David Cohen
In Honor of Mia Bodnar-Cohen —Shelli Bodnar
In Honor Of Mia Bodnar-Cohen: "Thanks for doing great work during the pandemic to serve our girls well!" —Shelli Bodnar and David Cohen
In Honor of Catherine Sager '21: "Your light can SHINE so bright! Congratulations to the Class of 2021!" —Kathryn D Sager
In Honor of Kira Jackson's Dance Team: "Outstanding Performances!" —Craig & Kathi Sue
In Honor of Alanys Mosqueda-Cayabya: "Go Panthers!"—Georgette Cayabyab-Clark
"Go Panthers!" —Katherine Georgiev
"Go Panthers!" —Sheri Simpson '78 DeSimone
In Honor of Lindsay Velez —Cathie and Joe Swoboda
"To all the Faculty, Staff and Administration working to keep Pres going during these crazy times." —Bill & Christine Robbins
In Honor of Marisa Mangano —Kris Mangano
In Honor of Coley Woyak —Mike & Beth Woyak
In Honor of Sophia McSweeney: "So proud that my talented, smart and beautiful niece is part of the amazing Presentation Dance Team! Go Panthers!"—Anna M Sweeney '82 Crockett
In Honor of Briana and Julia Gallo: "Not words but deeds" —Terry Downing '83
In Honor of Jess Little, Jo Anna Gistand and Kevin Saldivar: "You all have shown great strength and commitment this past year. Thank you for being the #1 Champion to all of the Pres athletes. God bless!" —Jill & Scott Higgins

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