On January 24, 2019 hundreds of Pres alums, parents, students, faculty and friends will join the crowd!

It's simple. We're asking everyone in our Pres community to donate on January 24. At the end of the day, these personal donations will add up to one incredible gift!

THANK YOU to all who have donated today. As of 7 a.m. today we have raised  $66,469.19 -- thanks family! The portal will continue to be open for any additional donations.

Join the Crowd!

Boscarino Family
Shital and Dev Patel - "Support Pres!"
Dan and Linda Russo
The Spillanes
Sharon Drake
Siobhan Ippolito O'Byrne '91
Dina Cannizzaro
Yvette Frojelin
Mary Clare Bernal
Laura Prietto - "Go Panthers!"
Patt Brust - "I appreciate and cheer the education offered to Presentation students."
Cathie Swoboda - "Great school!!!"
Marlene M. Mirassou MD
Linda Doolin - "We love Presentation High School. Thank you for providing such a wonderful education to our daughters. They are now successful business women living the motto, Not Words, But Deeds."
Jim & Anne Koepf
Shauna di Bari
Kristine Keifer Huntsman
Denise Rooney - "Go Panthers!"
Dan and Linda Russo
Melinda Alongi "Shout out to class of 86! Love you ladies!!"
Briana (Di Bari) Schachter ‘01
Jennifer Gong
Beth Smith
Winston and Katie Jaeb
Joan Schlichting Guthrie - "May the light of Presentation grow brighter and brighter as we support the values of what Presentation stands for (yesterday, today and tomorrow). Thank you Presentation for giving me the foundation for living life!"
Marietta Hipskind, "Congratulations on doing a great job!"
Grace Lattyak
Jennifer DiVittorio
Lisa Gray Fuqua '87 - "Thank you to my Mom & Dad for making the sacrifice to send me here. My heart is forever grateful for Pres! It is a GREAT day to be a Panther!!"
Linda Bruni Pfahnl '67
Barry and Linda Furtado
David and Paula Reynolds
Lissa Whelan - "Grateful for Pres! Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow and Forever!"
Louise & Gregory Baker - "Go Panthers!"
Ann Fitzsimons
Ron Cali - "Proud to support this amazing school."
Lauren McAlpine
Kara and Kirk Westbrook
Sandi & Russell di Bari
Alice Ursano - "Remembering all the good times at Pres with my friends. Wish all the girls who wear Plaid a lifetime of happiness and Sisterhood."
Sue Greene
Dennise McNulty Carter - "Thank you for your dedication and good work."
Mary Schlichting - "‘78 is Great!! Love you! Go Alice!!"
Lauren Colvin - "Proud to be a part of the Presentation family!"
Lynelle Vaccaro
Katie Keifer - "Can't hide that Panther Pride!"
Andrea Duwel
Carol Scilacci Tanner
Amy Fields - "Go Panthers!"
Kathleen Alongi - "Congrats Class of 2019!"
Eric and Tricia Launder
Marti Guidous - "Thanks for everything."
Theresa and Jim Suarez
Carole Schmitt
The Longwello Family
Christina Marie Suter
Mike and Karen Turnlund - "Love Pres"
Sharon Gonzales - "Go Panthers! Daniella Sparry Class of 22'"
Danielle Dennison - "Go PHS! Class of 2001."
Mia's mom and dad
Karen Strobach
Taylor Locke - "Pres Strong. Thank you for everything Pres!"
Ann and Bon Gotuaco
Paul and Elizabeth Patterson - "Thank you for helping to inspire and empower our daughter through your educational and spiritual programs."
Taylor Allen - "Go Panthers!"
Grace Sanfilippo
Marc Churnin
Amelie Glon Werner - "Go Panthers! Class of '95"
Sue Madden
Franziska & Gilbert Gong
John and Laurie Miller
Carol Scilacci Tanner
Swim South Bay
Gail Hehir - "I am proud to support Presentation."
The Gabudao Family
Helen Hersey - "Class of 2021! Go Panthers!"
Judith Nadler
Theresa Taft Wells
Dave & Kathy Pasek
Kathy & Max Mancini
Morgan Locke - "Honored to be an alum of a great school like Pres! Go Dance Team!"
Jerry Brickley
Gary and Sue Giannini 
TJ & Mark Scheig - "SO proud of this school and how our daughters grew here & how our last one is lovin' every minute of it here! Go Pres!"
Gaye Landau-Leonard & Fred Leonard
Kathy Carter
The Menne Family
Rob & Anne Naragon
Ritchie Family - "Pres has served our daughters well, thank you!"
Jeanne & Mike Glad - "Pres Presents --
Pres Persists -- PRES PREVAILS!!!"

Bacosa Photography -- "Go Panthers!"
Al & Cathie Bacosa
Joe & Maggie Pecoraro
Shirlee Schiro
Santos - "Proud dad of Ariana."
C. Holly Davies - "PHS! Love you forever!"
The Hossain Family
Kimberly Chang
Grace Hargadon
Elizabeth McCutcheon
Kevin & Susan Huber
Familia Iorgulescu - "Go Panthers!"
Liza Chuck
Sam Chuck
Lily Chuck
Alison - "Leaders of now. Leaders of tomorrow."
Stevie Chuck
Abby Chuck
Shelli Bodnar
Fanny & Jose Zeledon Jr.
Susan & Matt Bernal
Lynn Kaiser
Barbara Fitzgerald - "Come on, match that!" 
Anthus family
Cindy Chock - "Thank you for nurturing and growing strong women!"
Romy & Jeff Grau - "Go Panthers!"
Linda and Jon Yap
Ernesto and Yesenia Bejarano - "We are so proud to contribute to the school community that supports, educates, and inspires one of our daughters now, and possibly two daughters soon! Go Panthers!"
Mike and Barbara Spencer
Kathleen Langlais
Jean MacDougall
Farhad Ahmed - "Proud parents of an alumna. Strongly believe in "Not Words, But Deeds."
Chris and Maris Whitney
Lauren Heine
The Greenwood Family
Al & Elva Ochoa - "Go Panthers!"
Fred & Muriel Schlichting
Donna Delaney - "It's a great day to be a Panther!"
Michele Conroy
Christina Gilmore
Margarita Vargas


Lindsay Velez - "Go Panthers!!!"
Britany Goodnough - "Proud to support current and future students!"
Katie Brust Ellis - "Thank you for a fine education!"
Lorrie and Ed Blythe
Tim and Andrea Case
Katherine Georgiev
Katy Lemon
Stacey Stebbins
Nancy Taylor
Clifford Family
Crystal Catalan - "Go Panthers!"
Lisa Allen
Raymond R. Hayes
Steve Morgan -- "Go Pres!"
Emily Cervino
Cassidy Garrett
Catherine Aquino -"Go Panthers!"
Susan Hoelzer
Mike and Beth Woyak
David & Laura Bustamante
Britany Goodnough
Karen Brouwer
Kiana McCaul
Kaia McCaul
Suzanna McCaul
Elizabeth Cardenas
Francoise & Marielle Mulligan and Grandpa Charlie Cross - "We are so PROUD of our Daughter/Grand-Daughter Anjelle’s Accomplishments due to the BEST Education at PRESENTATION HIGH SCHOOL in SAN JOSE, CA."
Joe and Stephanie - "We appreciate and love the educational, social, and the 'feeling of sisterhood' opportunities provided to the young women of Pres - their futures sparkle with adventure, compassion, and Deeds!"
The Normandin-Azevedo Family
Jennifer Moyen-Logan
Paul & Susan Curtin
Marina Iatomase
Bill and Andrea Lee - "For our amazing Panthers, Haven ('17) and Anya ('20)!"
Ella Fuqua '21
Olivia Fuqua '14 - "Class of 2014!!"
Maria Fuqua '19 - "Class of 2019!"
Julia Fuqua '17  - "Class of 2017!"
Preeti Gupta - "Go Pres! Thank you for shaping our women of tomorrow."
Anna Roth
James & Donna Stewart
Lynn Lee
Catherine Furtado
Gina - "Presentation is a wonderful community for young women!"
Mark & Kathleen Peters - "Excited to be part of the Pres Family, shout out to Class of '22!"
Rajesh and Rohini Vashist - "Go Panthers!"
Gina Bouska Livingston - "It's always a great day to be a Panther!"
Elaine Stanley - "To Tannah from Nana"
Lisa Randazzo '78 Bunnell
Helen Dorcich Pavicich
Mario & Jenna Gutierrez
Barbara & Bill Heil
Francis & Nerissa Gerodias - "Danika Gerodias #34;Class of 2019"
BIll and Christine Robbins
Sophie and Natalie Pace
The Lum Family -- "Thank you Pres for all you do for our girls...Alex-2019 and Annaliese-2021"
Casey Larson
Mike & Vicki Maniglia
Debbie Hargadon - "Forever grateful for education and experiences for Katie '09 and Grace '14"
MaryLynne & Nelson Rodriguez
von Massenhausen Family
Peter Silva -- "You're in the home stretch Shelby. Love, Dad"
Sue Guarino
Kathy Cordova '78 - "Here's to strong women may we know them. May we be them. May we raise them. And may we praise the women who raise us to be strong women. Through thick and thin Nano kept faith with what God had called her to do – With her as light for our journey, may we be blessed with the vision, courage and fidelity that stirred Nano to passionate service."
Deepa and Manish Kackar
Brenda Welles
John & Kim Hernandez - "Go Panthers!! Class of 2021"
Beth Keifer - "Proud to support the next generation of Presentation Women who will use their voices for betterment of all"
Jennifer (Miller) Hamilton
Kathy Durkin
Kristin Cooke Schneider
Matesso Family
Laurie Vogel - "To the Class of 2019, be the change you want to see in the world."
Henry Imwalle
Kris Giannini Kelly
Joe Burch - "Class of 2019"
Jenny & Sal Mandracchia
Bob and Barbara Aquino
Judy Davis - "Thank you Pres  for being the shining light! Keep it burning." 
Brookie Scheig - "LOVE that I'm finally at the school my sisters went to and it IS all they say!"
Jo-Anne Sinclair - "We are very proud of our daughter Kate! Go Panthers!!"
Kathryn O'Keefe
Meera Vimalaraj - "Go Panthers!!"
Chandler Sutherland
Debbie Madden Judd
Morgan Locke
Tom Connors - "Go Panther Basketball!"
The Lazar Family
Jillian Ritchie - "I am grateful for my Pres education and community!"
Anne & Larry Parks
Stephanie Maniglia
Adrienne & Lud Renner
Christina Tobias
Katie Hargadon
Lizzy Martin, "Not Words, But Deeds."
Caroline & Bill Martin
Kim Odgers
Michelle Mesita
Gurmehr Klair - "Go Panthers!"
Richard & Mollie Tobias - "Thank You God for providing our 4 daughters with an excellent high school experience! They are confident, strong, smart, and know the value of working hard!"
Isabel Bellot
Sara and Dave Fugate
Dana and Ben White
Marget & Brad Baron - "Go Sam!"
Bernardo Enriquez - "So fortunate to be part of the Pres family."
Danielle Wheatley
Julie Rubino Tenenbaum
Dana Grau - "So proud of Kaley!"
Ralph Hipps - "Keep up the good work!"
Peggy Cirone Shaw
Stephanie Vives
Sharon Roldan - "Go Panthers!"
LumiQuick Diagnostics, Inc.
George & Carroll Shannon
Mary Lyons - "In honor of all the great educators who have worked so hard through the years to make Presentation such a wonderful school."
Tracy Partridge
Achkar Family
Myers Family
Kimberly Tobias
Lilia Yalong
Greg & Jennifer Fanoe Wolf 
Beth Rhodes
James & Arlene Cowell - "We are happy to support such an outstanding school!"
Angie Paxton
Ellen Bezore Holmes - "All hail to blue and gold!"
Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Raisch
Elise Fisher



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