On March 24, 2020 hundreds of Pres alums, parents, students, faculty and friends will join the crowd!

Great news! This year we are combining our Crowds4Pres annual day of giving with Mission Drive! 25% of your donations or up to $25,000 supports Mission Drive. Mission Drive supports the ministries of the Sisters of Presentation, which focuses on education, female empowerment, and the alleviation of hunger and homelessness.

Don't forget that your gift is also Twice as Nice; thanks to two generous donors who have agreed to match your donation dollar for dollar. Crowds4Pres donations supports academic, co-curricular programs, and essentials for our girls in plaid.

Our 24 hour campaign begins March 24th at midnight. If you want to get ahead of the crowd, the donation portal is live now!


Shout Outs!

GO PANTHERS! - A.J. Hostak and Anna Ricci

Go Panthers! Stay strong and healthy. - Lionel Iorgulescu

This donation is made in memory of Alice Valdivia '73 - Charlene Rusciano Raisch

Hang in there, Panthers! - Cheryl Engelstad

Love Pres! Can't wait to get back to campus! Grateful my big sisters went here and guided me here! -Brooke Scheig

Thankful for all things Pres I received!  School, friends, soccer, experiences, teachers!Have fun Brookie class of 2021! - Taylor Locke

Thank you Pres for a great edu, dance, and experience!  Enjoy all you can 'lil sis, Brookie! - Morgan Locke

Brookie, keep working hard online or in person!  Continue to stay connected to all things Pres!  #FAMLUVSPRES! -Teresa Locke

We love you Teachers!! Keep up the good work!! - Chris and Linda Turkstra

Ever grateful for the education of our Panthers, Theresa '01 and Sarah '05. Keep the Nano vision alive! - Chris & Sheila Flanagan

Stay healthy and safe, everyone! -Michele Conroy

Many of my dearest friends are Pres girls. For that gift and so much more, I am eternally grateful. -Pamela Brotherton-Sedano

Go Panthers! Yay Class of 2021! -Karen Brouwer

Go Pres! In these unusually tough times, you added another feather in your cap with the smooth online classes. The girls are blessed to be at Pres! -Preeti Gupta

Grateful for Pres! Go Panthers! - Doug and Rebecca Knapp

Big love to all my classmates and former students (and all our parents). Stay safe and healthy, all! -Nicole Chubb Ralston

Go Panthers! -Marisa Meza

Go Panthers! - Dawn McCale

Wishing you all the best! -Muriel Schlichting

Not words but deeds. -Mike and Barbara Spencer

Go Panthers! -Angelena Sanfilippo Paxton

My heart is forever grateful! - Paula Keane

Not words but deeds!! So blessed to have attended such an amazing High School! - Joan Keller Barrett

So proud of my Daughter, Lauren Seadler '06. Thank you, Presentation, for giving her the foundation she needed to succeed. GO PANTHERS!! -Diane Seadler

Thank you Pres for your unwavering commitment to the mission of Nano. I am so grateful for my Pres education! - Lisa Fuqua

Love you, Pres! ‘78 is Great!! - Mary Schlichting

Thank you Presentation for stepping up so quickly and getting Pres girls prepared for Distance Learning without skipping a beat! - Siena Seps

Go Panthers! -- Steve Morgan

Go Panthers! - Christina Tobias

Proud parent of alum! -- Barry and Linda Furtado

Go Panthers! -Haley Gonzalez

Go Panthers! - Catherine Furtado

For OUR Angel named Anjelle..:) -  Francoise and Marielle Mulligan

So grateful to Pres for helping Haven '17 and Anya '20 become the amazing young women they are!

-Bill and Andrea Lee

Our hearts are ever grateful! -Gurmehr Klair

With gratitude for the education of Katie '09 and Grace '14. Keep on doing what you do, Pres! -Debbie Hargadon

Prayers to all the students and faculty, but especially the Seniors. -Wade Nakamura

Love you, Presentation High School.
Best, and most empowering school in the world for young women! Thank you for all that you did for my daughter! -C. Holly Davies

Go Pres! - McGovern Family

Pres girls, you are all AMAZING! -Fan Ni

Our hearts are ever grateful! -Catherine Aquino

Thank you 2019 CCS Water Polo Champions!! -Jeff & Romy Grau

Hang in there Pres!! - Grace Hargadon

To Adisa Perez, Class of 2022, keep working hard and reaching for the stars! Love you mucho, Mom

#GoPres! The Landess family supports Pres and the exemplary education, leadership and growth opportunities you provide. - Elizabeth Gong Landess

Go Panthers! -Stephanie Riener '20 & Family

My 3 girls were able to attend Pres in part due to the generosity of the work scholarship program. We can't think of a better Presentation program to support! Go Panthers! - Keith Family

Keep empowering young women to become leaders in our world. -Gail E. Hehir


Hi Class of '08!! - Rochelle (Walker) Ekpa

Sending love to all my Pres swimmers out there! Stay healthy and active. We are ONE TEAM! - Vanessa D'Amico '09

Happy to support all the good work Presentation High School and the Presentation Sisters do! -Elisa Robertson Baroni

Go Panthers!! -Denise Rooney

Go Panthers! -Jenna Saso Rosati

Thank you, Pres! - Patt & Barney Brust

Remember always that I received an excellent education at Pres! -Patt Brust

Papa & Mimi Love You Alexis.
- Go Pres Panthers! -Ron & Carol Higgins

Class of ‘78, let’s show everyone else how it’s done! - Barbara Fitzgerald & Jamie Mulholland

Best wishes to Class of 2♥2♥! -Jean MacDougall

Great job Alexis and Lilly! Go Pres! -Higgins Family

Stay healthy to all my Sisters in Plaid! -Alice Ursano

Proud to be part of this amazing community! -Dan and Linda Russo

Presentation students are awesome to teach!! -Tam Tran

We love and support Pres! -Sean Donoho and Stefanie Silva

Go Panthers! -Errin Smith

So proud to be a part of the Presentation community! Go Panthers!!! -Lindsay Velez

So proud to be a member of the Class of 1981, mother of Cassidy Garrett '14, and faculty member of 35 years! Empowering young women to change the world for the better! -Dina Cannizzaro

P-R-E-S-P-R-E-S-P-R-E-S-E-N, T-A-T-I-T-A-T-I-T-A-T-I-O-N, P-R-E-S-E-N, T-A-T-I-O-N, Presentation, Presentation, go, fight, SWIM! I miss you swimmers and divers. We can do this!!! -Marisa Watts '94 Cozort

Go Panthers! -Kate ('14), Meg ('16), & Ellie ('20) Blach

Love to the Panthers Always and Forever! -Lissa Whelan

Now more than ever we need to double down on our investments in institutions that matter.  Please support our students and families as we all weather this difficult time.  Those of us who can, must do even more than normal.  If you are blessed with relative security in this insecure time, then please, donate more. Remember that 25% of funds go to the Mission Drive and we have a matching grant! Someone out there is doubling our donations.  Let's all double down on institutions that make a difference in the lives of others.  For me, Pres in one of those institutions.  I'm doubling down on Pres because Pres matters. -Siobhan O'Bryne

After Pres, you have confidence to achieve any challenge and friends that last a life time. Thank you for making me, me! Marian

This one is for the incredible faculty and staff who make Pres the best place for young women to learn and grow into their greatest potential! -Holly Elkins

Shout out to the entire community that's staying strong, safe and together! -Andrea Duwel

I have been blessed to work with so many wonderful students over the years, thanks Pres! - Diane Rosenthal

Love this school! - Bon & Ann Gotuaco

Go Pres! -Ann Fitzsimons (Comey)

Keep the faith! -Cathie & Joe Swoboda

Your outreach to others is beyond belief God Bless! #CROWDS4PRES
-Elaine Stanley

Forever a 'girl in plaid' - Ellen Bezore-Holmes

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