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Marilyn McIver

-- Laurie Pecchenino

Thank you Pres!

-- Jeffrey Grau

Sophie & Ani

-- Pam Brotherton Sedano

Mikala Evans

-- Jane Evans

Laurel Ashcom

-- Anonymous

Go Panthers!

-- Amanda Bates '04

Go Panthers!

-- Nicole Gomes '10

Ms. Zirbes

-- Kiran and Sahib Bal

Go Panthers!

-- Jeffrey Kemp


-- Robin Leahey

Ms Frojelin

-- Anonymous

Rylee Churnin

-- Marc Churnin

Sophia Campbell

-- Joan Campbell

Sumehra Addnan

-- Muhammad Addnan Islam

Sarah&Kate Avila

-- Thomas Avila


-- Rodrigo Sotelo

Nicole & Jenna

-- Sherri Gomes

B. Comey Fund

-- Ann Fitzsimons


-- Anonymous

Aquatics Coaches

-- Donna Corsell

Pres Dance Team

-- Sandra McSweeney

Go Panthers!

-- Anonymous

Mica BG

-- Paola Guttierez

Pres BOD

-- Kimberly Pitts

PHS Dance Team

-- Carolyn Helms

Class of '09

-- Jenna Rosati

The Keith Girls

-- Paula Grant

Class of '09

-- Jennifer Hamilton

Performing Arts

-- Priya Talreja

Amanda Ochoa

-- Anonymous

Sarah Howard

-- Anonymous

Mullapudi Family

-- Padma Mullapudi

Theresa Flanagan

-- Anonymous

Kalina & Katelyn

-- Lilia Yalong

Divya Mullapudi

-- Vindhya Mullapudi

Katarina Klask

-- Laura Klask

Alexis Barker

--  Shauna Barker

Rachel Dunlap

-- Christie Rodriguez

Dance Team!!

-- Cindy Paigen

Giselle Dyche

~ Kevin Dyche

Lauren Chivers

~ Larry Chivers

God Bless Pres!

~ Richard and Mollie Tobias

Emma Chivers '16

~ Larry Chivers

Megan Williams

~ Deborah Mussomeli

Go Panthers!

~ Crystal Catalan

Elisa Baroni

~ Anonymous

Class of 1973

~ Karen Kane Foempe

PHS Dance Team

~ Lan Nguyen

Niece Grace Hau

~ Yvonne Tsang

Atsuko Itakura

~ Hideki Itakura

Grace Penunri

--Joan McCarten

Rachel Dunlap

--Kay Dunlap

Go Panthers!!!!

-Laura Zepeda

Alex Mull 2023

--Allison Mull 

Shine on, y'all!

--Kathryn Fauria 

Class of 2025

--Randi Mills

Speech & Debate

--Cynthia K Colvert

Go Panthers!!!

--Molly Haggerty

Stephanie Eramo

--Michelle Eramo

Class of '79

--Erin M Mansuetto

Class of 2023

--Stefanie Porter

Marisa Mangano

--Kris Mangano

Class of 2020!

-Lisa Brunolli

Katie Burst Ellis '88

-Patt Brust

Katie Ellis

--Patt Brust

Class of 2025!

-- Amy Fields

'16/Team 2135!

-- Liana Rix

Team 2135 Robot!

-- Kathleen Peters

Emily Young

-- Meichun Chen


-- Anonymous

Mrs. Georgiev

-- Rachael Parakh

Mia Romo

-- Miriam Romo

Alisha & Natasha

-- Anonymous

Thank you Pres

-- Ann Gotuaco

Courageous women

-- Maria baron

Alara Dora

--Bahadir Dora

Go Class of 2000

-- Theresa Opp

Ms. C. Furtado

-- Linda Furtado


-- Nathan Donahoe

Courageous women

-- Maria Baron

'78 is Great!

-- Lisa Bunnell


- Bryan Wiens

Juliana Silvas

-- Anonymous

Student Leaders!

--Suzanne Colvin

Ms. Fuqua

-- Rachael Parakh

Varsity Soccer

-- Jennifer Donahue

Ms. Zirbes

-- Rachael Parakh

Pres Students!

-- Angelena Paxton


-- Yolanda Rodriguez

Haley Engelstad

-- Anonymous

Kaleigh Phipps!!

-- Jami Ford

Rachel & Nicole

-- Kimberly Chang

Ella Fuqua '21

-- Lisa Fuqua

Toni McIntire '25

-- Lisa McIntire

Pres Choirs!!

-- Leticia Hartwig

Ms. Valencia!

-- Rachael Parakh

Everyone at Pres

-- Reed Milnes

Monica Mifsud

-- Pauline Mifsud

Go Panthers!!

-- Anonymous

Class of '86

-- Margo Ponce

GO Panthers!

-- Francis Gerodias

Kelsey & Katie

-- Lauri Taylor

Kate Ivanov

-- David Ivanov

Fianna Orman

-- Jame Orman

Class of 2010

-- Mary Clare Bernal

Katelyn '23

-- Tiffany Sousa

Natalie '17

-- Tiffany Sousa

Class of 1990!

- Dawn McCale

Ms. C. Furtado

-- Anonymous

Class of '78!

- Joanne Schwartz

Always a Panther

-- Ellen Bezore Holmes


-- Anonymous

Class of 2020!

-- Eric Buell

PHS Student Activities

-- Tim Case

Holly Elkins

-- Michael Elkins

Great job Holly

-- Carol Dunn

Kiley O'Shea '24

-- Kerri O'Shea

In honor of Annalee Baroni
Flia. Iorgulescu

-- Sharon Iorgulescu

Mr. Goodman!

-- Priya Talreja

Our Daughters

-- Marti Guidoux

Nicole Mesita

-- Michelle Mesita

ASB Leadership!

-- Lauren Colvin

Pres Robotics!

-- Elisa Baroni

Go Juniors!

-- Lindsay Velez

Lauren Fiock

-- Shannon Fiock

Gracie Goodwin!

-- Eileen Goodwin

Isabella Fonseca

-- Larry Abbott

Yay Panthers!

-- Anonymous

Class of 2001

-- Danielle Dennison '01

Delaney Grau

-- Dana Grau

Pres Berkeley

-- Catherine Kelly

Arshiya Anand

-- Anonymous

Laurel Ashcom

-- Angela Bernhard

Teachers & Coaches

-- Avudaiappan Ramanathan

Lizzy Edwards

-- Ramey Parks

Our Students

-- Holly Elkins


-- Kehinde Olugbode

Amar Samara

-- Anonymous

Missy Meighan

-- Anonymous

Coach Foster!

-- Anonymous

Laura Laughlin

-- Anonymous

TY Ms Fugate!

-- Anonymous

Michelle Kelly

-- Jon Timothy Kelly

Gabi Stevens

-- Natalie Stevens

Haven & Anya Lee

-- Bill and Andrea Lee

In Honor of Sue Bjorndal

-- Sharon Lynch

Cheers to Hailey

-- Jennifer Hossain

Hannah and Emma

-- Chris Evans

Holly Elkins

-- Catherine Jacob

Miss Dickey

-- Rochelle Fernandes

Future Panthers

-- Maureen Keller

Julia Fuqua '17

-- Lisa Fuqua

Class of 2025!

-- Anonymous

Go Panthers!!

-- Anonymous

Holly Elkins

-- Anonymous

Kalina & Katelyn

-- Karen Ann Brouwer '95

Class of 2010!

-- Marina Iatomase '10

Go Panthers!

-- Salvatore Saglimbeni

Kathryn McGovern

—Kathryn and Philip Zimmerman

Class of 73!

—Erin Mulcahy Stein



Joyce Yu


Stacy '96 Adisa 22


Julia W Brooks '08

—Danielle Wheatley

Sophia McSweeney

—Anna Sweeney Crockett


—Sheri Simpson-DeSimone

'78 is GREAT!!!


Catherine Sager

—Kathryn Sager

Ms. Kate Deak


Chloe Pagonis

—Nicole Pagonis

Dance Team

—Penny Olson


—Meagan McKee

Calista Hua

—Kenneth Hua

Maria Fuqua '19

—Lisa Fuqua

Hi c/o 2008!

—Rochelle Ekpa

Class of '85

—Debbie Piker Sanders

Theater Department

—Stephen Flowers

Olivia Fuqua '14

—Lisa Fuqua

Girl Power!

—Teresa Downing

Love-Blach Girls

—Catherine Blach

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