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Lighting the Way for Women and Girls Through Education

Lantern LeagueEducation is opportunity. For young women, education can be a lifeline - giving them a voice and empowering them to take charge of their future. Lantern League is a women’s giving circle that pools its charitable gifts to fund educationally-oriented projects and programs for women and girls within the greater Bay Area. With just a few meetings a year, our group is ideal for philanthropic women who are short on time and want to make a big impact for local non-profits. In 2017, we were the recipient of the Outstanding Philanthropic Organization Award by the Association of Fundraising Professionals Silicon Valley Chapter. The generosity of Lantern League members has enabled us to support dozens of organizations since 2006 with more than $1.4 million in grants.


Grant Recipients

A variety of organizations received funding in 2021. In total, $77,626 was awarded: $42, 463 in grant funding; $35,163 granted to Presentation High School.

Bay Area Women's Sports Initiative: BAWSI Girl Programs - $10,000 
BAWSI mobilizes the women's sports community to engage, inspire and empower girls from underserved communities and children with disabilities. BAWSI firmly believes that all children have the right to engage in high-energy physical activity to enjoy the accompanying physical, social and emotional benefits. Grant will bring sports and physical activity to girls from underserved communities at 8 school sites in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties.

Bill Wilson Center: Maternity Group Home (MGH) Program - $10,000
BWC’s Maternity Group Home (MGH) program provides safe housing and client supportive services each year to homeless youth (pregnant/parenting) ages 16 through 21. The program prepares them to transition into sustainable, independent living by focusing on parenting skills, child care, independent living skills, educational, employment assistance and other supportive services. The grant serves 6 homeless pregnant/parent youth and 6-12 of their children

Girl Scouts of Northern California: Got Choices - $7,963
Got Choices is a strengths-based prevention and intervention program designed to help middle and high school girls develop the social and emotional skills they need to thrive as healthy, resilient, and productive adults. Girls participating in Got Choices generally attend schools or community centers in gang-impacted or low-income neighborhoods, are pregnant or parenting, or are involved with the juvenile justice system. This grant serves 40-175 girls.

San Francisco SafeHouse: $10,000 
SafeHouse believes that creating an empowering environment and helping to educate formerly homeless and sexually exploited women about healthy living, wellness, personal finance and life skills is key to helping their clients achieve self-sufficiency, independence and a sense of well-being. Through this internship program, women gain on the job training.

Sky's the Limit Fund: STLF Family Coaching Service: $4,500
Sky’s the Limit Fund aims to transform the lives of youth in crisis and their families by providing access to wilderness therapy programs and coaching services to guide families during the transition home. A grant will fund the Family Coaching Service for three girls from the greater Bay Area and their mother/guardian for 12-15 weeks post wilderness therapy treatment.

Presentation High School: $35,163
Funding will be used for one full scholarship and one half scholarship, along with activity fees for girls who would otherwise not be able to afford tuition.




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