Lantern League Grant FAQ

How will grants be determined?

The Lantern League will not accept unsolicited grants. Members are encouraged to research nonprofits working in the field of education for women and girls and nominate them for grants. Nominated organizations may submit grant applications for review by the steering committee. All grant applications that are submitted on time will be fully vetted by the grants subcommittee for compliance with our published criteria. All grant proposals that meet all our criteria will be recommended by the committee to the general membership for consideration. Those approved applicants will be asked to make a presentation at the general membership meeting of the Lantern League in March. Following the presentation, each member will exercise her vote, and the majority will decide what grants are to be funded. A follow-up completion report process to be submitted by the grantee insures accountability on the part of the organization(s).

Can our organization apply if it also serves men and boys?

Yes, but funding for the proposed program and use of grant funding must specifically serve women and/or girls.

What if our organization does not have audited financials?

Audited financials are required if available. All organizations must submit their most recent IRS 990.

May grant applications and IRS 990s be submitted in hard copy?

At this time we are requesting applications but submitted through our new online form and that all other documentation be submitted electronically to

May we apply if we don't have a Lantern League sponsor?

All applicants are required to be nominated by a Lantern League member.

What if our organization has applied for a 501 (c)3 status but has not yet been received?

All applicants are required to have a 501(c)3 status at the time of application.

How much is awarded to each grantee?

Grant funding will be based on donations in total received from Lantern League members in 2018; in the past, grants have ranged up to $10,000.

May we include administrative expenses in our grant budget?

Up to 10% of administrative expenses may be included in the requested budget.

May grant applications and IRS 990s be submitted in hard copy?

Grant applications must be submitted through the online form.  IRS 990’s along with additional financial documentation must be submitted electronically to:

Why are fiscally sponsored organizations not allowed to apply?

The vetting process for fiscally sponsored nonprofits is complex and requires research on both the fiscal sponsor and the nonprofit as the legal grant agreement is with the fiscal sponsor.  We currently do not have the capacity to research both organizations with diligence.