The Presentation Wishbook offers donors a way to give to programs and areas that are close to their hearts.

Each item on the Wishbook is handpicked by teachers, program directors and club moderators. Your gift will have a direct, immediate and lasting impact on the lives of Presentation students.

Wishbook Items


12' LCD Score Table | $10,500
Score table will be used on game days to display the Presentation logo, sponsors and can show pictures of each of our student-athletes as they are being announced before the game.

Individual Records Board | $2,000
The record board will be displayed in the Presentation weight room to serve as a motivator for students to break school records and improve their events.

White Plastic Chairs for Pool Deck (12) | $300 total ($25 each)
Provides extra seating and comfort for spectators.

Royal Swimming Parkas (20) | $3,305 ($165 each)
These new parkas will replace the old ones, ensuring swimmers stay warm and look uniform.

Volleyball | 21 Practice Shirts |$400
Players will look uniform, and it will help unify the team.

Water Polo | Pair of Goals | $4,800
The current goals are in poor condition and in need of replacing.

Softball | New Softballs for 2018 Season | $400
The old ones need to be replaced. Purchased by Eric Prior.

Athletic Training | A Portable Treatment Table | $900
The athletic trainer will be able to bring this portable table to the field and pool deck for treatments as needed.

Assault AirRunner Treadmill | $5,000
This will update the cardio equipment in the Weight Room for our student athletes.

Push Sleds (3) | $900.00 ($300 each)
These will help improve the strength of our sprinters and help them achieve their fitness goals.

Campus Ministry

Choral Music

Choir Performance Shell | $10,000
Helps project the sound of the performers' voices forward and makes for an improved acoustical tone.

6" Riser with Back Rail and Fourth Step Addition (1) | $2,000

Storage Cart (1) | $1,100

Community Involvement

Airline Miles and Car Rentals | Varies
Many CI trips require air travel, which can make the costs quite high. Donations of miles or money for car rental would help make trips more affordable for students.

Coin Counter Machine (1) | $2,580
Needed for the annual Penny Drive.



Research Library Prep Subscription | $2,742 per year
Periodical database of approximately 5,000 scholarly journals, magazines and newspapers in full text.

SIRS Decades Database | $687 per year
Database with primary and secondary source documents including letters, editorial cartoons, speeches, photographs, maps, articles and essays covering the 20th century.

SIRS Issues Researcher | $1,388 per year
Provides information on current events and current social issues of the day. Analysis and opinions of pro/con issues using documents, statistics, graphics and multimedia from 1,500 publications.

LexisNexus Database | $1,923
This database can be used by all students online through the PHS website. Students in Speech and Debate and students in Macroeconomics and other social studies classes will be able to access the Lexis Nexis legal and business database for research opportunities.


Kit of Parts | $4,000
The basic components needed to build the robot, including wheels, motors and frame.

Spare Parts Kit | $1,000 $500
Includes all extra components needed for the robot in case parts break down or are damaged during the build season and/or the competition.

- $500 donated by the Rachapudi Family

Travel Expenses | $800
Funds are needed for transportation and overnight accommodations when students travel to competitions.

Compressor System | $1,250
An 80 compressor with accessories and pneumatic rivet tools.

Small Parts Organizer | $1,800
Will improve the standardization of small parts for a more efficient design and build cycle.

Shop Stools (6) | $125 each
Will provide the ability to sit closer to the machines will keep students more engaged and focused.

Additional Robot Pneumatics Components | $750
These help keep robots from previous years in working order to use for driver training and software development.

IKEA Computer Desks (6) | $216 each
Our growing team has multiple students working at once. They need additional industrial benches for computer design work.

Additional CRIO Robot Controller (1) | $625


Scholarship (2017-2018) | $19,580


Electronic Balances | $2,230
One additional class set is needed for student use.

Power Sources (8) | $5,200 ($650 each)
Provides sufficient power for the Transilluminator.

Set of 18 Class textbooks: $2,100.00 ($106.25 each)
Allows the students to focus on learning not having to take screenshots of the eBook version and formatting the schoolwork; more time to spend on classwork.

Visual and Performing Arts

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To make an online donation, visit our online giving page and be sure to select Wishbook as your Fund Choice. You may also drop off a check in the Advancement Office.


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Director of Capital Campaigns and Stewardship
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